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Talking With Your Crush: 20 Fun Topics to Discuss


Having a conversation with your crush is one of the most delightful feelings in the world. There are so many thoughts rushing in your brain and you don’t know how to approach your crush. Well, there are a few topics you can talk about with your crush. Most important thing is to be true to yourself so that the other person won’t think you are fake.

Coming up to your crush and having a conversation can be difficult with all the butterflies feeling in your stomach. Maybe you have imagined the conversation in your head more than 1000 times in your head, but in life, it gets a bit difficult. There is nothing to be afraid of as it is very normal to feel in such a way. Try to relax and approach with a normal conversation and if it does not go accordingly just try to go with the flow.

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Talk to Your Crush About These Topics to Create a Bond!

Here are the top 20 topics that you can choose to create a bond with your crush.

1. Music

“Music is what feelings sound like,” says the adage. It’s an easy approach to express your sentiments to your crush. Make that connection and come up with a tune you can both sing along to.

2. Movies

It’s safe to talk about any random subject. You can always opt to discuss recent box office successes or to focus on heartfelt love tales like Nicholas Sparks’ “The Notebook.”

3. TV shows that are interesting

It might be a TV show or even a farce. Anything that is popular is a good topic of discussion. But make sure you’re informed about it. It would be desirable for you to be able to relate and contribute.

4. Talk About Travel

Everyone wants to travel. It’s always wonderful to talk about the locations you want to visit and the experiences you’d like to have while you’re there, whether it’s out of town or out of the country.

5. Hobbies

It gives you a glimpse into how your crush spends his/her leisure time despite being a fairly broad topic. Be curious and look for something you two can do together.

6. Discuss pets

These adorable animals are always the best cover for approaching people without being seen. The pet of your infatuation might not always be adorable; it could be an iguana or a spider. But nonetheless, express your affection and attention.

7. Fashion

By complementing your crush on his/her sense of style and how he/she looks great in his/her attire, you can always make him/her feel special.

8. Sports 

Find out what sport he/she enjoys, then support the same team. To give yourself an excuse to ask him/her out, pretend you have tickets to the game.

9. Crack Jokes With Your Crush

If you don’t want to sound dull, practise your delivery. But being stupid is also funny. Simply laugh at yourself, and your crush will undoubtedly join you in your laughter.

10. School/studies

To ask your sweetheart about their schoolwork is always a good pretext. Act as though you might use some assistance, or if it’s the other way around, aggressively volunteer your free time to assist.

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11. Amusing Games

It might be a video game on a computer, a mobile device, a console, or an outdoor activity. You can start a game with him/her by inquiring about his/her favourite game. Aim for victory as a tandem and play to win!

12. Discuss holidays

Discuss your plans for all of your leisure time throughout the upcoming holidays. Plan a gathering and invite your family and friends. Make use of this as a chance to get to know one another better.

13. Photographic art

Many people enjoy shooting pictures, whether they do it for a living or just for fun. To model for one of your photo shoots, ask your crush. You would gain some extra points for the flattery.

14. Parties

Discuss a party that you two might like to attend. Offer to meet up at the event, and always dress to impress. Avoid being timid and just go for it.

15. Discuss your goals

Find out what he wants to be when he/she grows up. You can discuss both short-term and long-term objectives. Give him/her some direction on how to get there and assure him/her that you will be there for him/her through thick and thin.

16. Languages

Let’s be honest. It’s challenging to learn a new language. It takes a lot of time and patience to get acquainted with languages that sound very different from our own. Give him/her credit and an “A” for effort in exchange (for effort). That’s the only bad joke we’ll make today, haha!

17. Aliens

Encourage interest and provide your own opinions on the subject. You can talk about confirmed sightings, individual encounters, or hypothetical images of these ominous extraterrestrial creatures.

18. Expertise

Show your enthusiasm for your crush’s abilities. Describe his/her skills and the extent to which they could take him. Another point for you is if you have connections who could assist him/her.

19. Friend

When bringing up your peers, consider a buddy of both you and your crush. Hey, you’re Jack’s friend, right? This is a good place to start your conversation with that one individual if you’ve been able to pinpoint them as Jack, for example. And the list goes on.

20. Family

It makes you appear like you are genuinely interested in getting to know your crush better if you learn more about his/her family. Think of it as an investment. These are the folks that could recommend you and aid you in catching your crush’s eye.

How do you keep your crush engaged in conversation?

You can use anything that comes to mind to keep the conversation continuing, such as telling them about your day or posing open-ended questions that are certain to elicit an answer. You can even use something in your immediate environment to start a conversation. However, it might be best to quit pressuring it and move on if your crush shows a blatant lack of interest. The finest topics to discuss with your crush are unplanned and impromptu. You can start with our advice and build from there.


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