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Trending Youtube Videos – Latest Viral Videos

trending youtube videos

Top 6 Latest Viral Videos Now That are Trending On YouTube

Trending videos help the viewers see what’s happening on YouTube and in the world. The trending videos cover a wide range of viewers who would find such content interesting. There can be viral videos from the trend or a new movie trailer or a new music video from a popular artist. The list keeps on updating every few minutes and keeps moving depending on the views. Go check some of the now trending youtube videos.

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The Weeknd – Snowchild

The Weeknd came up with this music video released on 22nd, July. In this video, he converts himself into every one of his past and the present artist personas. This is an animated music video “Snowchild”. The video pays homage to his dark past, all riddled with alcohol, drugs, and women. This originated in the snowy Scarborough division of Toronto, where the Weeknd is from. His real name is Abel Tesfaye.

Trending On YouTube- The Weeknd – “Snowchild” is One of The Top 6 Latest Viral Videos.

Beauty Battle ft. Charli & Dixie D’Amelio

This video is all about beauty battles by Charli and Dixie D’Amelio. They are battling in this video to see which sister is the more talented makeup artist. This video gained 9.2 million views in just one day and is now trending.

Trending On YouTube- Beauty Battle ft. Charli & Dixie D’Amelio is One From Top 6.

Go Crazy- by Chris Brown and Young Thug

All English music fans must check-out this latest English song ‘Go Crazy’ by ‘Chris Brown and Young Thug’. This song ‘Go Crazy’ is directed by Matt Fuller. Christopher Maurice Brown is an American singer, songwriter, actor, and dancer. And, Young Thug is also an American singer, rapper. This video is now trending on youtube and crossed 9.9 million views in 5 days.

Trending On YouTube- Go Crazy- by Chris Brown and Young Thug is One of the

Juice WRLD – Wishing Well

The new video of Juice WRLD‘s song “Wishing Well” released. Its track comes from the artist’s recently released album Legends Never Die. And, it’s produced by Dr. Luke and ChopsquadDJ. They presented Juice as an animated character. In the video, his environment reflects the struggles he’s dealing with fame and drug use.

Juice WRLD's wishing well is now trending on youtube.
Trending- Juice WRLD – Wishing Well.

The whole video includes emojis signaling his emotions. As he navigates his feelings by making a few phone calls for help. And, talking to a psychiatrist(as himself) and coping with his demons through substance use. This video and it’s lyrics are a deep reality check to what Juice WRLD has gone through earlier. Video crossed 15 million views in just one week.

Trending On YouTube- Juice WRLD – Wishing Well.

Tainy, J Balvin – Agua

The Latin Grammy-winning producer Tainy and the global superstar J Balvin. This dynamic duo released “Agua” which is the lead single from the official film soundtrack. This video will feature in The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run. It crossed 40 million views in just one week and is trending.

Tainy, J Balvin-Agua is One of The Latest Viral Video.

Card Throwing Trick Shots 2

This trending video on youtube by dude perfect with 52.4 million subscribers. They did a card throwing trick shots and it’s the world’s longest card throw balloon pop by them. It crossed 7.2 million views in just 2 days.

Card Throwing Trick Shots 2 is One of The Trending Videos On YouTube.

So, these are the top 6 latest viral videos on youtube this week. Some of them are music videos by famous American singers. While some are the viral videos like card throwing trick shots or beauty battle by the two sisters. Check these amazing trending videos now.

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