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10 Best 2022 Women’s Watch Trends You’re Missing Out On


Just as women love jewelry, bags, and shoes, they are also fascinated by beautiful, elegant, and sophisticated watches. These accessories can say a lot about who a person is, reflecting their identity, style, and social status.

Talking about watches, There are many but still everyone is looking for the women’s watch trends in the year 2021.

Several brands and models of women’s watches are available on the market. From the most expensive to the most affordable. There are many different options, it isn’t easy to choose which one is the most suitable.

Do you know how to choose the best women’s watch when shopping? What criteria to use as a reference? Here are five aspects to consider when selecting a modern, stylish and functional ladies’ watch.

Criteria To Hop On Women’s Watch Trends

The functions of watches have evolved a lot in recent years. They are no longer mere instruments to mark the time to become essential beauty accessories for women.

Much more than practical accessories, watches reflect people’s taste, status, identity, and purchasing power. When choosing a model, you must take into account, in addition to the brand name, characteristics such as the design, the material used, the colors, the details of the decorations.

In addition, watches complement the look and can match the wearer’s clothing and style. Therefore, you must consider factors such as the person’s style, the clothes they wear, and their frequent environments.

You should also choose the size of the watch (small, medium, large or extra-large); the type of movement (digital, automatic, analog, and digital, smartwatch).

The watch case material can be made of stainless steel, titanium, polyurethane, or plastic (resin). The bracelet material can be stainless steel, titanium, leather, silicone, rubber, nylon, plastic (resin), etc.

Another crucial point to note is the color of the watch. There are options in gold, silver, black, rose gold, and many others. Another factor that must be taken into account is the color of the dial (dial), which has black, white, gray, gold, silver, blue, red, orange, among others.

Different Functions of Watches

Today, wristwatches are capable of much more than just telling the right time. In addition to the primary function of keeping time, the watches have other features such as a calendar, stopwatch, timer, moon phase, GPS, humidity, temperature, wind speed, among others.

Each watch seems to tell the story of the wearer. You can buy a model designed specifically for playing sports, working, sightseeing, or going to formal events. Choosing the best model depends on each person’s needs.

For example, if you like going to the gym, how about choosing a smartwatch with various functions? Some sports models can measure heart rate, distance traveled, and calories burned.

The Swiss World Tour Series watch, on the other hand, features the most representative landmarks in the world on its dial to allow travelers to read the time in different time zones simultaneously.

Watch Out for Watch Functions

No matter what the type of watch is, whether analog, digital, or smartwatch. It must have the primary function of keeping time accurately.

Due to its precision and tradition, the handcrafted Swiss mechanical watch is generally the most luxurious and desired. However, it is more expensive and requires more care with maintenance.

The battery-powered quartz watch is simpler and cheaper to maintain and keeps time with more precision.

The electronic or digital clock, in turn, is more affordable, offers more functionality, and is easily adjustable.

How To Choose The Brands of Women’s Watch Trends?

Currently, there is an infinite variety of watches on the market. Nowadays, it is possible to find beautiful, sophisticated models with different functions for different prices. A brand with a refined design and style is best suited for women.

In Brazil, the most sought-after brands by women are Lince, Casio, Champion, Technos, and Kors. The most valued watch is still the Swiss on the international market, based on traditional crafts, refinement, and jewelry design.

Watch For The Right Occassion

The main factor in choosing a women’s watch is style, which can be sporty, casual or social (classic), vintage or technological. This accessory should suit every occasion and match your way of dressing. Each special moment is unique and may demand a different model.

When choosing a watch, try to match it with your style and even with the clothes you wear. This accessory is perfect to finish off a costume and give it a touch of glamour. For example, women can wear an authentic diamond watch when wearing evening gowns in sophisticated surroundings.

Discover Women’s Watch Trends

Until quite recently, the wave of the mechanical watch renaissance dominated the trend for men’s watches. The ladies’ watch seemed to play only a supporting role.

However, women’s social status and consumer power have increased dramatically, and major brands can no longer underestimate this emerging market. Nowadays, many executives and even company directors are women and have the more significant economic capacity to buy more expensive mechanical watches. Designers now compete to release automatic women’s watches as elaborate and accurate as men’s.

Made of precious metals with diamonds, the most sophisticated models also offer many new features, capable of meeting the most diverse needs and adding value to the professional image of women. In this context, watches are chosen both for their beauty and luxury objects and status symbols.

Note, however, that it is not always necessary to pay dearly to have a quality watch. By looking closely, you can get a good eye from a lesser-known brand with the same quality and offers the same functions as a watch from a designer brand, even though it costs a lot less.

Below, we have prepared a list of several of the best women’s watch trends available to make your choice easier. Be sure to check this list before purchasing yours!

Top 10 Women’s Watch Trends 2021

Let us now talk about the women’s watch trends that are catching eyes in the year 2021. These women’s watch trends are –

Michael Kors Women’s Bradshaw

Perfect for women who like more giant, flashy boxes, this watch is the Bradshaw bestseller.

Silver and gold plated and blue dial, in addition to a clock and Roman numerals. the model features a bicolor steel bracelet and mineral crystal glass. In addition, it has a clock and 100 meters of water resistance.

Vintage Women’s Casio

This vintage women’s Casio watch is a classic. Made with gold metal and an adjustable steel bracelet, this model was inspired by models released in the 1970s and 1980s.

The watch features a stopwatch, calendar, alarm, and electroluminescent backlight. This model is also water-resistant and has two-year battery life.

Women’s Technos Ceramic White

This women’s Technos watch is analog and has a Japanese quartz movement. The predominant white color with golden details on the ceramic case and bracelet confers elegance and lightness to the model. The steel case has crystals, and the display is made of sapphire crystals.

Casio Retro Rosé Original

Older watches are highly sought after by watch fans. For this reason, Casio launched its line of retro models that is already a hit among collectors. The digital Casio Retro Rosé is one of the most sought-after among the female audience.

The model has mineral crystal glass (anti-scratch), a battery that lasts up to three years, automatic repetition, countdown, and water resistance of up to 50 meters deep.

Undefeated Angel

Designed to be a luxury accessory, this high-precision Swiss quartz watch has an 18k gold-plated stainless steel case. It features a mineral crystal glass display with a mother-of-pearl dial and offers 200 meters of water resistance.

Casio Women’s Baby-G Anadigi 

This analog watch is ideal for those who practice sports and want a more casual model for everyday life. This Casio women’s watch is robust, has a bracelet made of white resin and LED light for lighting in dark environments.

The highlight is the calendar, alarm, clock, time zone, and water resistance of up to 100 meters.

Anne Klein Crystal Swarovski Rosé

This analog Japanese quartz watch with Swarovski crystals is one of the most sought-after and sold products. The 24mm case with Swarovski crystals on edge adds even more value to this luxury model.

Women’s Champion Gold

Very beautiful and elegant, this quartz watch features a stainless steel case with black mineral crystal glass with gold accents. Water-resistance is 5 ATM.

Michael Kors Female

This beautiful golden analog watch from Kors is ideal for women who prefer larger models. Iconic and timeless, it portrays the brand more casually and cleanly, but with an MK style. The model has a stainless steel bracelet and mineral crystal glass.

Multifunction Golden Female Lynx

This quartz model features a charming kitten on the analog dial as detail with a stainless steel bracelet and mineral crystal glass.

It comes with a bracelet with hinged metal plates, mineral crystal glass, and a multifunction analog calendar marker. It has a water resistance of 30m. This model is available from July 19, 2019, and has a warranty period of 1 year after purchase.


As we’ve seen, choosing a good women’s watch requires attention as much to beauty and style as to the functions and features of each model. To find the best option for you, it is essential to do a lot of research until you find the ideal product.

Follow the tips we’ve given in this article to choose the best wristwatch for you. Of course, among the 10 women’s watch trends we recommend, you will find one perfect for your needs.

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