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TYPES OF SELF CARE – What are the six areas addressed by a self care plan?



Self Care is for everyone. One must know what is the meaning of Self Care. It means thinking about your thoughts, desires, goals, and working for them. One should know yourself from inside. People think of the past and still, live in there.This is the main reason for stress and anxiety. We need to understand self-care. To make a proper balance in life we have to work upon the different types of self care.

It is important to take care of yourself. But we often fail to take good care of ourselves because of our daily jobs, stress and family duties. Mostly we think that love is to sacrifice ourselves for the ones we love. In the process we forget ourselves. We must understand that we can love others only when we love ourselves. So putting ourselves first and giving our mental sanity a priority is essential.

What are the different types of self care? What are the six areas addressed by a self care plan?


Physical self care deals with different things like your diet, your sleeping pattern. Caring about your health must be your first priority. You may eat extra fruit and do more exercise. Physical Self Care is important to be more active in life. Exercise is known to reduce stress and lead to better sleep. It might be difficult to go to the gym everyday so you can try simple exercises at home like aerobics, dancing and yoga.


Emotional Self-Care

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