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10 Upcoming Netflix Horror Movies To Chill Down Your Spines

Upcoming Netflix Horror Movies_derje

Upcoming Netflix Horror Movies To Watch From Thriller Scary Movies On Netflix To Ghost Movies On Netflix

Netflix is already keeping up with the audience with back to back movies and series to keep up with the lockdown. Even in the middle of the pandemic, the OTT platforms have not failed at all to keep the entertainment intact for us. We have listed for you the upcoming Netflix horror movies so now is the time when you need to get ready to binge-watch the upcoming Netflix horror movies. So, let’s get into the list of such movies to chill down your spine.

Here is the list of 10 upcoming Netflix horror movies that will release soon.

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The New Mutants

Upcoming Netflix Horror Movies to watch_derje
Upcoming Netflix Horror Movies to Watch – The New Mutants

The New Mutants is an upcoming American horror movie which is based on the Marvel Comic. It is probably the last movie of X-men series. Directed by Josh Boone, this movie was supposed to get released in the month of April, but we needed to wait a little longer for its release which has been rescheduled on August 28.


Upcoming Netflix Horror Movies to watch_derje
Thriller best horror movies on Netflix – Malignant

James Wan has managed his time out of his busy schedule to make a new film, Malignant. Although we are yet to have details about the movie Wan shared a sneak peek of the movie in his personal Instagram handle. Although his fans are aware of the comic with the same name, he posted on Facebook saying that it has nothing to do with the comic. So, eventually, the date is yet to be revealed.


Upcoming Netflix Horror Movies to watch_derje
Thriller best horror movies on Netflix – Run

A teaser has been revealed showing a mysterious mother, starring Paulson who is having probable secrets that the daughter, Chloe would find out. But we only get an answer after the movie is released that why she read the word “Run” everywhere. We are yet to know the release date of Liongate’s Run that appears to be darker and supernatural with obvious plots.

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

ghost movies on netflix_derje
Upcoming Netflix Horror Movies to Watch – The Conjuring

Scheduled to be released on September 11, The Conjuring 3, directed by Michael Chaves, will this time come up with a brand new plot that would involve use of a camera that will source out to various paranormal activities and even deaths. So grab your essentials to witness the third sequel of The Conjuring.


ghost movies on netflix_derje
Thriller best horror movies on Netflix – Candyman

Directed by Nia DaCosta, this movie is really going to grab your psychology up to a great extent. The ghastly killer from these movie shares similarities with our very known ritual of Bloody marry; you call out his name five times, he is going to haunt your life down. However, this movie is beyond just the killer. Well, wait for the release to find out what is it hiding!

Saint Maud

ghost movies on netflix_derje
Upcoming Netflix Horror Movies to Watch – Saint Maud

What happens when the saviour turns out to be the killer? We would like to know what happened to a God-loving girl and why there is a sneak peek of possessed body high on the air, in Rosa Glass directed movie, Saint Maud. Morfydd Clark has been starred as a religious nurse who becomes obsessed with saving the soul of her patient. Wait till October 23 to figure out is it really religious or supernatural?

A Quiet Place Part II

thriller scary movies on Netflix_derje
Thriller scary movies on Netflix – A Quiet Place Part II

A place where your radio starts creaking suddenly and the people starts running away; you should definitely RUN because you are no longer safe from the mysterious creature creeping out of everywhere. The characters are being chased by an unknown monster and it is only after the movie gets released we will get to know what happens as the story builds up. The date of release has not been announced yet.


thriller scary movies on Netflix_derje
Thriller scary movies on Netflix – Antlers

Based on the short story by Channel Zero writer and creator Nick Antosca, Antlers trailer has revealed a boy holding on to a deadly secret. His purpose has been shown in the trailer that he has to keep on hunting animals to feed his dad who is apparently a monster.


thriller scary movies on Netflix_derje
Ghost Movies on Netflix – Antebellum

Although the trailer gives a sneak peek of a happy spring in the very beginning, the story soon shifts its tone and projects various things at a time. It involves a little girl who is probably equipped with a supernatural aura. The story talks show shots of Janelle Monáe trapped in slavery during the pre-Civil War era.

The Cleansing Hour

thriller best horror movies on Netflix_derje
Upcoming Netflix Horror Movies To Watch – The Cleansing Hour

The trailer starts with the scene exorcism, so you know it is going to be dark and murky when it comes to its actual plot. It was actually a shooting scene, but what will happen if it gets real? There the story takes a major turn and the casts are about to get the real taste of the supernatural realm. So you know the rule; don’t fake it!

So you know your bucket list now, just wait for the release of these upcoming Netflix horror movies and get ready to spend sleepless nights chanting Hanuman Chalisa, just in case…!

Ghost Movies on Netflix – Conjuring 3 is the most awaited from the upcoming Netflix horror movies


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