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Quarantine tips

Now, quarantine is a tough time for many of us so we need different ways to spend quarantine. Let’s be honest. The days are getting longer and the shows on Netflix and Prime are also finishing and things are getting tough for many of us. But, no worry there are many interesting ideas which you didn’t know that exist to keep yourself entertained and also make your brain work a bit during these days of quarantine excluding to those tough classes and work online. So, some interesting and unique ways to spend quarantine.

Fun Ways to Spend Quarantine During COVID

Check Your IQ

Checking your IQ is one of the best ways to spend quarantine. IQ plays an important role in our daily life and help to solve daily to complex situations. So, this quarantine time is a good time to check your IQ level. There are many websites that provide free tests as well as paid tests to check your IQ level and also strengthen the brain. Keep on doing some brain exercises too strengthen the brain and make these days pretty much productive.

Read Books From A Genre That Is Usually Not Your Forte

We have our favorite genre of books, some like drama, some romance, some non-fiction and more.SO, adding a twist to the book-reading skill, read a book which you won’t usually read or a genre which is not your preference. So, use your online e-books and put on a book that is totally out of your taste and try something new.



We all have our favorite people who we adore and want to learn for. Catering to our wishes, Youtube brought us Masterclass, an online platform series which has popular celebs like Bobbi Brown, Timbaland, Gordon Ramsey, and many more, teaching people techniques and tips from their experience. So, go to Youtube, see which of your favorite people is there giving away their tips and join their masterclass to learn something new.

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Workout At Home

Workout at home is one of the good ways to spend quarantine

Since gyms and fitness studios are closed, the best way to work out now is at home and you should work out more now. Since mobility is less as compared to other days, this time working out will keep you sane and stable. Join online programs by many amazing fitness trainers or video-call your best buddy or workout with your family. This will be a fun and sweaty time for everyone.

Be The Creator

The chef and the interior designer in you are ready to jump out to make the best use of this time, so don’t disappoint it. This is the time to take up the pan or the scissors and start the decoration of the home or the food. Clean up, make new items, or make food, out of resources that you have at home, and come up with new food ideas. Who knows, by the end of the pandemic you will be the next Masterchef or next master interior designer.

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Podcasts And Audiobooks

Podcasts and Audiobooks are a fun addition to daily routine,just play it up and enjoy.Above is my favouite Podcast Crime Junkie on Spotify.

This can be a really interesting thing for the people who are not into the book, so to try something new and fun, turn into podcasts or audiobooks. Both Spotify and audible have really interesting podcasts and audiobooks to listen to and tune -into. It is really a new experience but listening to your favorite books is also a cool thing to do and for sure it is an experience to look after.

Start Journaling

ways to spend quarantine_derje
Ways to spend quarantine- Journaling will allow you to keep a track of all the emotions.

Now, be the Anne Frank of your own and start journaling. This is a very moody idea for people who wants to do that, so start a photo-journaling of your days, situations and everything going around.  It can be a fun experiment and also a tab to keep your mental health on the check.


This one will be the most-controversial yet funny one but joining TikTok is a fun thing to do while being in quarantine. It has some really fun and interesting challenges which will not bore you out but surely will bring some element of fun in your days.

Now, these are some of the ways to spend quarantine which can keep up surely away from the boredom and make quarantine more of a fun time.

Till then, stay in and stay safe.


Shayeree Sil

I write for fun and so having more fun isn't wrong, so go read about it.

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