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5 Winter Fashion Trends for 2022 You Need To Know

winter fashion trends

The winters of 2021 are over and 2022’s winter season is here. So if you are looking to be fashionable, this may be the perfect opportunity to renew your wardrobe with Winter Fashion Trends. 

As this season is characterized by being a cold season, you will surely find sweaters, pants, and coats in materials such as wool or cotton in different stores. However, there is a wide variety of designs and fabrics that you can wear and embrace this fall. So dare to visit your nearest shopping mall and discover incredible garments, which will also adapt to your body and your budget. 

Fashion Trends Fall-Winter 2022

The basics for this season are beginning to emerge. The idea is to be able to adapt them to the garments that you already have in your closet, combining and playing with colors. Remember that you can play with one or more trends at the same time, although it is preferable to start with one per set, so as not to saturate your clothing.

In addition, each body and person is different, so only you will be able to define what clothes and styles match your personality and style. Mentioning this, we can tell you that you will surely look great with Autumn-Winter fashion trends, especially if you wear them safely!

Here is a list of some of the most viewed trends in the latest 2021 fashion shows.

Leather Pants

Leather Pants
Leather Pants

Leather goods have been around for centuries. However, over the years they have been reinventing themselves (up to synthetic leather, which we love) and they have adapted to the needs of the current market. The notoriety of leather pants can be seen in different areas, but it is usually related to motorcycling since this material is highly resistant. 

This autumn-winter season, black leather pants are making a strong comeback. You are probably thinking of the movie Vaseline, although the cut suggested by the catwalks is not so fitted and moves away from what is known as leggings. In this case, the pants have a much looser and straight cut on the legs.

This is much more flattering for most women, as leather clings to the skin a lot, so don’t worry about feeling tight or uncomfortable, baggy leather pants will look great on you. 

As we already mentioned, today many people tend to choose to buy “leather type” or vegan leather clothing. This means that real animal skin is not used, but rather a set of synthetics that simulate its texture. 

Sustainability has become a priority within the new generations, so we recommend that you look for pants with these characteristics. It is very easy, on the label of any garment you can see its composition and its care. 

Brightly Colored Coats 

Brightly Colored Coats
Brightly Colored Coats

Within the autumn-winter 2022 fashion trends, there are also coats in bright shades: blue, yellow, red, among others. This also applies in the sweaters section, where intense colors are observed. 

Since the coat is a stellar piece in any wardrobe, haute couture brands have opted to twist it and make them even more striking. Neutral colors like beige, gray, and cream were left behind. Time to venture into the color palette!

Remember not to exaggerate, the basis to conquer any event with a shiny coat is to keep the other pieces of the set in a single neutral tone, like the ones we mentioned above. For example, a camel-colored sweater and pants accompanied by an orange coat will look spectacular.

Now, when it comes to a garment as special as a coat, it is worth investing in, since it can last for years and, considering its characteristics, it will be able to withstand quite extreme weather conditions. Don’t forget that the true purpose of this piece is to keep you warm, so the recommendation is to invest in a premium coat.

Satin Items

Satin Skirt
Satin Skirt

For many years, satin has been considered a fabric intended for lingerie or nightwear, however, today it is seen in a wide range of garments such as dresses, tops, and even jackets. The autumn-winter 2022 trends are highly influenced by this material bright, especially in designing skirts.

Although satin is a light fabric, it complements perfectly with heavy sweaters balancing the proportions of the ensemble. In turn, they can be seen as beautiful together with boots or ankle boots. 

It is worth mentioning that a satin skirt is an ideal transitional garment. This means that you can also use it in the spring-summer season by combining it with sandals and a light top. We recommend you look for a yellow one since this is stellar in 2022 fashion trends. Mango fashion stores will be your unconditional allies in this task.

The Feathers

Feather Sweater
Feather Sweater

Without a doubt, carrying feathers can sound a bit difficult, as they add volume and if you overdo it, it will seem that you are an avid fan of Angry Birds. Do not worry. Nobody wants to look like a bird or wear clothes that look like they are several sizes larger. On the contrary, the idea of ​​the autumn-winter 2022 trends is that they favor you. 

Items with feathers began as jewelry, for example, earrings. Today, feathers take more prominence and are incorporated into dresses, tops, and sweaters. These clothes and accessories add a romantic and fun touch to traditional clothes. 

It is suggested to include items with feathers on the upper body. It can be a sweater with shoulder pads or cuffs of this material, avoid wearing them on the thighs or hips. If you still have your doubts, start with a scarf. 

Fashion stores for women such as Zara, Studio F, and Vanity are committed to daring and original designs, so we recommend you visit their stores in India.

Feathery Scarf
Feathery Scarf

Funny Tights 

Funny Tights
Funny Tights

Don’t you want to invest a lot in 2022 fashion trends? What better than accessories to feel fashionable without spending a fortune!

Stockings have been an item used by women for centuries. Surely you consider them boring or very classic since they are usually worn in skin color. 

Nowadays, stockings have become the opposite, becoming a daring accessory. They can become an essential part of a set giving it life and innovation. In the market, you will find socks with less traditional patterns: dots, flowers, sets of transparencies, among others. 

The only rule you should follow is to stay away from flashy colors. The stockings must be elegant and not act as a distraction from the rest of the set, so colors such as black, wine, and gray are recommended. In India you can find the street style you are looking for, many accessories at affordable prices, the designs are jovial and fun. Find the perfect stockings for you! 


Lastly, it is worth mentioning that no ensemble is finished without some piece of jewelry. Whether it’s small earrings or giant hoop earrings, jewelry adds an extra touch to any garment. 

Stores like Tanishq, TBZ, Kalyan Jewelers, etc are some of the eminent jewelry stores in India where you can find a perfect jewelry piece to embrace your overall look. In their stores, there is a range of bracelets, charms, pendants, and other accessories that look incredible with things as simple as jeans to something like an evening dress.

Do not wait any longer to visit these stores, whether you go with friends or alone you can find the clothes that best suit your personality and style. As a final tip, when it comes to updating your wardrobe, dedicate a full day to your visit to be able to try and review everything you are looking for without rushing (that makes a big difference between good and bad purchases)


What styles are trending for winter 2022?

Winter Fashion Trends 2022 include –

  • Leather Pants
  • Brightly Colored Coats
  • Satin Items
  • The Feathers
  • Funny Tights

What are the winter colours for 2022?

The Winter Fashion Trends 2022 colors are gorgeous. Not much of a surprise – Ultramarine Green, Green Sheen, and Military Olive.

What colors should winters avoid?

Since the main color aspects of Dark Winter are depth and freshness, your worst colors are bright and warm. Very warm and earthy colors like oranges and golden browns will make you look unhealthy. Warmer pastel colors can get you noticed too, so stick with the icy light colors on your palette.

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