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7 Best Diwali Outfits For Women in 2022

Diwali is one of India’ s most conventional festivals, where dressing up ourselves is the fun part of it. Moreover, it marks huge respect and excitement for the festivity. As we know, wearing new clothes is our tradition, and people in India will be agitated to wear a grand and new advent collection of dresses for Diwali. So, in that case, here are some of the new collections with different fusions of dresses, perhaps one should try this Diwali.               

Anarkali Kurti

When it involves weddings, parties, and other festive occasions, an Anarkali-type Kurti can never fail, supplying you with the sort of elegance that you simply want. If you like trends, then you should leave in an exceedingly swish Anarkali Kurt outfit. The Anarkali Kurti is formed of an extended, frock-style top and features a slim fitted bottom.


It comes in long and embroidery-like floor-length cuts. Anarkali is a full flared dress, with 20-22 Kalis altogether. The Kalis either start from the shoulder and end up to knee length or still more. Anarkali is treated as a singular, designer dress for girls that may be worn on every important occasion within the family.

Sharara suit

Journey of Sharara Suits into your wardrobe- Sharara suit is the ‘in’ thing within the modern Indian traditional fashion scene. But it’s not in the slightest unaccustomed to Indian women. Sharara dress has been part of Indian heritage since the Mughal times. The ladies within the royal families during the Mughal period were said to wear Sharara suits and dresses.

Sharara suit diwali

Bollywood movies of the 1960s and 70s also played a major role in increasing the recognition of these dresses in India. The Sharara suit is the one that matches you the most if you like wearing a normal dress. It’s an ideal choice for all festive occasions. Though it is originally from North India, it also rules all over South Indian women as well.

Silk saree

The silk saree is an undeniable sign of elegance and richness that finds an area in every Indian woman’s wardrobe. The wide selection of silk sarees makes it possible to wear them for each occasion – weddings, parties, traditional ceremonies, and everyday workwear. In fact, shopping for pattu sarees for a family wedding is seen as an occasion in itself. 

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Each silk sarees from various places has a history. Silk sarees are always familiar in South India because, in every South Indian event, they prefer silk saree to wear. They perfected the art of sewing and had a good fascination with silk clothes. The trendy sort of draping sarees originated during this era.

A few varieties of silk sarees:

  • Kanchipuram silk sarees
  • Banarasi silk sarees
  • Chanderi silk sarees
  • Baluchari silk sarees

Patiala Punjabi suit

The standard attire of the Punjab region is thought of for its lively hues, rich fabrics, and embroidery! 

Its name was taken from the place ‘Patiala’, Punjab. These suites accommodate Patiala bottoms, which are loose and have pleats on them. It’s combined with a Kurti, reckoning on its style and pattern. Wearing Patiala makes you feel genuinely good for any occasion like traditional parties and so on.

Diwali Patiala suit

You’ll fall dotty with its uniqueness and magnificence. Also, you need to have seen many actresses flaunting Patiala suits in movies, so you’ll guess its preference in our country. Also, these suits have a historical background.

I guess Kareena in Jab We Met is what actually made me(perhaps everyone) fall in love with Patiala and Punjabi. 

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Kurti and skirt suit

When it comes to “Kurtis” the first thing that comes into our mind is that it is very comfortable and also easy to carry women’s wear. Eventually, pairing a Kurti and a skirt suit gives you an elegant look. Moreover, you can pair it up in many different ways.

Diwali outfit

This outfit not only gives you a traditional look but also gives a western look. People in India mostly wore a traditional dress which is defined as an ensemble of garments, jewelry, and accessories rooted in the past that is worn by an identifiable group of people. Especially in pairing Kurti and skirts, if you can not find them in sets, you can still shop them separately and then pair them up according to your way of styling. 

Crop top and skirt

A crop top and skirt is totally a fusion type of dress that you can pair up with a crop top and a skirt. It is a fusion of Indian and western culture which is known as “Indo-western”. People in this generation will always go with crop tops because it looks so good on them.

Crop tops make the best Pair with skirts which gives you a defined structure. In this generation women’s “go-to” outfits are Crop tops, hence you can easily pair them up with your choice. Crop tops are more popular in the western world. Nowadays many prefer western clothes so they always go with a crop top and a skirt. 

Crop top and dhoti

Dhoti is a trend started by Kareena Kapoor which still rules this generation of clothing. Now coming to crop top with a dhoti, looks quite unique and an interesting combination. Not everyone prefers this but definitely a new model. Dhoti was actually a men’s bottom wear but then it changed as both men and women can wear it.

Definitely, this combination is an essential part of every woman’s ethnicity. Once you select a crop top and dhoti suit depending on your body shape, it is time to choose the right material and print. The preferred material for them can be silk, cotton or polyester, etc. 


Therefore, there are numerous kinds of outfits available where you can pick your choice. These are from an expansive collection for the Diwali jubilee. You can pick your fave. It includes both traditional and western model types of dresses because some may like a western dress and some may like traditional. So there’s an emulsion of dresses for them. It’s then time for shopping! 


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