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4 Most Expensive Cafes In The World

Wondering that why we are here with the article on the most expensive cafes in the world? Among the most consumed beverages worldwide, coffee has grown in popularity. With coffeehouses like Starbucks and other expensive cafes doing exceptionally well, it is fitting to say that coffee is here to stay.

Cafes originally known as coffee houses started gaining fame in the 17th century in European countries like France, Italy, and England. They were frequented by wealthy businessmen, literary giants, poets, and artists to conduct meetings, discuss their ideas or simply enjoy their time.

Europe’s cafe culture soon caught the eye of many travellers, and it was replicated in various other cities. In today’s day and age, you can find a variety of luxury cafes that provide a much fancier setting than a typical coffee house and arriving at these cafes is not merely a visit but an experience. So, here’s a list of the most expensive cafes in the world. 

Most Expensive Cafes in the World

Here are some most expensive cafes in the World.

 1. Caffe Florian, Venice

Located in the Italian city of Venice, Caffe Florian is considered the oldest coffee house in Europe. It is one of the most expensive cafes in the world. First started in 1720, the cafe has borne witness to various historical events that unfolded in the 18th and 19th centuries. It was also the only cafe to have admitted women during that era. It even houses a museum showcasing many famous artworks from the past and some of the coffee house’s popular patrons were Charles Dickens, Lord Bryon, Marcel Proust and Casanova. 

The cafe is open from 9 am until 12 midnight. Florian’s menu includes delicious cakes, Italian coffee, special tea blends, hot chocolate, wine and cocktails with traditional Venetian ‘Cicchetti’. The price comes up to 80 Euros for sandwiches, coffee, and desserts for two. Caffe Florian is renowned for the introduction of Europe’s Cafe concert. Even today an orchestra plays in the iconic cafe blending history and modern-day luxury into a beautiful mixture. It attracts travellers from all over the world who want to get a glimpse of its heritage and culture. All in all, if you want to experience the olden days’ cafe culture in this modern era then Caffe Florian is a perfect junction.  

 2. Bloomsbury Cafe, Dubai

When you think about luxurious places to visit the first thing that comes to your mind is Dubai. It houses the tallest building, expensive hotels, fashion and makeup brands and a lot more. Bloomsbury cafe, located in the famous Dubai Mall, was first started in 2011 by connoisseur Shafeena Yussuf Ali. As of now, it has branches in various other cities because of its tasty delicacies and service.

The cafe was first established as an exclusive cupcake shop but has now developed into a boutique cafe and artisan bakery. It is popular for the most extraordinary cupcakes that are gold-infused and cost $1000. They also serve cakes, brownies and desserts. You can get them delivered to your doorstep, but nothing beats the experience of stepping into the high-end cafe and getting a first-hand glimpse of their service.

From 9:00 a.m. to midnight, the cafe is open. All of their products are prepared from scratch, and they promise to create a piece of heaven on your plate. If you are looking for a truly luxurious and expensive space to spend your time, then Bloomsbury undoubtedly ticks all the boxes. It is one of the most expensive cafes in the world.

 3. Gran Caffe Gambrinus, Naples

Gran Caffe Gambrinus is one of the most expensive cafes in the world. Naples, known for its crazy football fans, beautiful Amalfi coast and island, houses one of the most prestigious cafes, Caffe Gambrinus. Located at the corner of Piazza Plebiscito, the cafe was started in 1860. Since it was the norm for literary giants, painters and businessmen to hang out at the cafes back in the day, Gambrinus was and in fact, is no exception to that tradition as it was a favourite of Oscar Wilde and Ernest Hemingway. Even now it is frequented by the intellectuals and the elite.

The elegant building showcases marble ceilings and a vibrant interior. Tables are also set outside overlooking the ever-bustling piazza. The opening hours are 7 am to 12 am. Neapolitan Coffee is a must-try, they also offer pastries, chocolates and delicious desserts. Strong coffee with cream comes for a price of over 7 Euros.

You should note that you are also paying for the location and decor, which is worth every penny to experience the historic charm and environment of the place. If you are in Naples, then you should make it a point to stop by this luxurious cafe and enjoy the beautiful and ancient setting. This is one of the most expensive cafes in the world.

4. Vogue Cafe, Moscow

Moscow, being one of the oldest cities with a history so rich and a heritage that is looked up to, houses one of the trendiest cafes. If you want to know what the latest fashion buzz in town is, then you need to visit the Vogue Cafe. Located in the heart of the city, it attracts tourists as well as natives because of its chic and stylish design. The atmosphere is deemed comfortable, and it is a perfect place to spend your time in a more laid-back manner.

Most Expensive Cafes

The opening hours are 8:30 am to 1 am on weekdays and 12 pm to 2 am on weekends. The cafe offers a wide range of cuisines but with a touch of Russian added to the mix. Their signature dishes include vegetarian borscht, pancakes with black caviar, Russian cured sausage and kefir.

It might approximately cost 1300 RUB per person. The walls are lined with photos of models who are seen frequenting the cafe. All in all, if you wish to experience a chic, stylish and high-end ambience with your coffee and meal, then this cafe is for you. 


Quality always comes at a price. Now that the world is recovering from the pandemic, you would want to spend your money on something that is worth it. The above-mentioned cafes are definitely worth both your money and time even though they are expensive. Good standards cannot be replicated and hence you’ll find unparalleled food and ambience in these coffee houses.

All said and done, if you find yourselves in any of the mentioned cities then you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to experience the luxurious, lavish and lush atmosphere these cafes offer as they will surely leave their mark (and bill) that you’ll remember for many moons. Make sure to visit these most expensive cafes in the world. 

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