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10-Yoga Essentials You Need For Your Yoga Session At Home

Since the pandemic, we all have been conditioned to an idle and stay-home-stay-safe lifestyle, which in fact makes yoga an easy and enjoyable task for anybody. Moreover, at this time, we had no other better choices than practicing yoga at home. If you are brand-new to yoga, then I suggest yoga at home is a preferable option, because it gives you confidence, relaxation, and a you-being-yourself vibe.

Although there are several branches of Yoga, its ultimate goal in all is to attain the ultimate peace, mostly called moksha or samadhi. Well, not to sound too deep, but on the whole, yoga is about someone who is seeking peace. Indeed, everyone wants a peaceful life at the end of the day. Speaking of which, we also need some essentials to start off a good yoga session at home. So, here is the list of yoga essentials starting from the clothes to the pieces of yoga equipment, you sure need for a yoga class at home. 


Yoga pants

Yoga pants have recently gained the comfort of providing the best quality and stretchability for great yoga sessions. Yoga pants are better than leggings, not because of their not see-through quality or butt-lifting action, but because of their material that wicks moisture or sweat from the body and promotes good airflow. Yoga pants use moisture-wicking technology, which prevents overheating of the body during exercise. You can do any asanas without worrying about the pants ripping off, as yoga pants’ stretchability is second to none. 

Yoga at home   

Sports bra

A sports bra is one of the most essential items of training gear you might have had in your kit, and its significance cannot be overstated. As you see, our boobs need extra support during repeated or high-impact workouts since they are made of tissue and are only primarily supported by the skin and delicate muscles. Speaking of a low-impact activity, sports bras are the bare bones of yoga, as without one will lead to a painful and discomfort yoga session. 

Tanks and tees

They cocoon you while allowing your body to breathe during yoga sessions. Tank tops indeed have no finicky sleeves that will not cause you to itch your arms and underarms all day. In addition to flaunting your yoga body, tank tops offer you more ventilation during those hotter months, as well as improving comfort. Moreover, sporting a tank top can make you feel relaxed and cheerful. 

Yoga Equipment

Yoga strap

Yoga straps are really helpful tools for increasing flexibility, giving you more control, and mastering positions. They also help you find the stretch in a challenging yoga posture, loosen your tense hamstrings after a long run, and hold your arms together in a handstand. They offer you power in a position that’s difficult for you to fathom. Without a strap, you could attempt some postures only to end up with poor alignment, which prevents you from getting the pose’s full advantages. And that is why yoga straps come in handy here.

Yoga blocks

If you are finding it hard to reach the floor in some asanas (such as triangle pose, or forward fold), yoga blocks help in bring the ground closer to you. They also release tension during the Sukhasana, for those who have tight hips. And one of the best uses of yoga blocks is when you are practicing deeper postures such as fish or bridge poses. Yoga is quite hard at times, and sometimes causes bruises when you’re forcing an asana, which is why yoga blocks are far-reaching yoga accessories.

Yoga towels

Sweating is common and a good sign in any type of exercise, however, it sometimes acts up. Moreover, sweating during a yoga asana may transform your mat into a slip-and-slide ride on hotter days. Well, no one wants it, right? Yoga towels are a quick fix after a vigorous yoga session as they avoid injury-causing sliding on your mat, by absorbing your sweat and improving grip.
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Yoga bolsters

The best support for a daily yoga practice at home is a yoga cushion or bolster. They can be utilized as knee or tailbone cushions during restorative yoga classes. Plus, they can add height, which enhances stretching and aids in asana relaxation. Due to the additional support and cushion, they offer to beginners, pregnant yogis, or yogis with joint, or orthopedic issues; they are after all must-have and essential props in many yoga sessions.

Yoga wheels

Also known as Dharma Yoga wheels. The deep hip flexibility, as well as the back, neck, and shoulder muscles, may be stretched and released with the support of yoga wheels. They can also be used to balance difficult poses such as in Hanumanasana, Kapotasana, Salamba Sarvangasana, Halasana, and Pincha mayurasana. 

Yoga Mat essentials 

Yoga mat

Unlike any other exercise, yoga has gotten itself a mat. How cool is it, right? Yoga mats offer a cushioned, non-slip surface that makes it simpler to practice any yoga asanas securely and with ease at home. Yoga mats are normally 24 x 68 inches long with a thickness ranging from 1-8 millimeters.

Yoga mat spray

Since I suppose most of us will be practicing yoga regularly, it is best to carry a yoga mat spray by yourself. The best way to keep your yoga mat clean and free of germs and bacteria is to regularly rinse it down with yoga mat spray before and after you roll it up.


Exercises are always good for your health, but we all at one time must have realized that yoga feels more relaxed. Because yoga poses are quite easy to achieve, work on people of all ages, and definitely don’t require any personal trainer or gym equipment for trying out at home. Furthermore, in this global health crisis, the best and safest choice for keeping oneself active and healthy is practicing yoga on your terrace (or wherever you feel comfortable at home). Besides, there are several free online classes offered on the subject of yoga, all you have to get is yourself a yoga-essential kit and obviously an internet connection. 

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