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8 BEST HAIR SERUM FOR DRY HAIR – Hair Serum for Women – Are Hair Serums Good for Hair?

hair serum for dry hair

In our busy schedules, we don’t get enough time to style our hair. Hair Serums for dry hair are often considered underrated. Admit it, you don’t have time to oil your hair thrice a week. Or, use the amazing home remedies and DIY tips that your mother has told you a hundred times. To be very honest, none of us have much time. And that’s why we need the extra help for good hair from the best hair serum for dry hair that are available. Hair serums hydrate your hair making the tresses soft and giving it some much-needed life. So, we have got these best hair serum for dry hair.

Jovees Herbal Grape Seed & Almond Hair Serum For Dry Hair

Hair Serum For Women_Derje
Hair Serum For Dry Hair

If you want that gloss and shine to your hair, this non-sticky hair serum will help you to moisturize your hair. It protects your hair from dust, humidity, etc. and your hair stays shiny and well-nourished all day. Plant-based ingredients help to condition, restores a healthy look and feel to hair. Take a small amount of serum in your palm and run your fingers over your hair for smooth and shining hair. Dab the serum on your hair before heading out to make a fabulous style statement wherever you go.

Livon Hair Serum For Dry Hair

Hair Serum For Women_Derje
Hair serum for women- Livon Hair Serum is One Of The Best Serum For Hair

For that salon style look, Livon hair serum for dry hair is the key. It cuts through frizzy hair and gives you silky and smooth hair. It also gives you shiny hair so that you can maintain that perfect look all day long. You can use it anytime and get that salon finish look in a matter of minutes. All you need is a few drops of serum to give your hair a soft, supple and glossy look. This hair serum for dry hair suits for all hair types and also, enriched with vitamin E.

It not only protects your hair but also makes your hair smooth and glossy without getting sticky.

Streax Hair Serum Walnut Oil

Hair Serum For Women_Derje
Hair serum for women- Streax Hair Serum Walnut Oil is One Of The Best Serum For Dry Hair

This hair serum for dry hair is fully enriched with natural walnut oil known to nourish the hair. It not only enhances your hair’s smoothness, but also keeps your hair shiny and manageable all day. A hair polishing & smoothening walnut oil serum is all you need for soft & silky hair every day.

MATRIX Smooth Proof Avocado Deep Smoothing Serum

Best Serum For Hair_Derje
Best Serum For Hair

This serum helps in nourishing your hair and adds shine to it. It’s easy to apply and has a non-sticky texture that we all need. Botanical ingredients in this serum ensure that hair stays healthy. Using this serum will protect your hair from damages caused due to heat styling. So, always apply this hair serum for hair before any hairstyling

The Face Shop Essential Damage Hair Care Serum

Best Serum For Hair_Derje
Best Serum For Hair

This essential damage hair care serum for dry hair by The face shop is all that you need. Style your hair with the perfect care as its made with quality ingredients. Also, it prevents hair loss and leaves your hair less frizzy or dry. So, you can use it daily for hair that stays strong at the roots.

Loreal Paris Intense Smooth Serum

Best Serum For Hair_Derje
Hair Serum For Women

This hair serum for hair helps in deep smoothing and nourishment that lasts 48 hours. The crème formula nourishes and smoothens your hair from root to tip. It shields your hair from the effect of humid or dry weather. The texture and the shine of your hair look manageable and renewed.

Take a few drops of the serum on your palms. Don’t take too much as the amount depends on the length of hair.

Rub your hands and apply it to the lengths and don’t forget the tips. So, you can also use it on completely dry hair before combing for intense shine & smoothing.

Khadi Natural Herbal Hair Serum For Dry Hair

Best Serum For Dry Hair_Derje
Best Serum For Dry Hair

This serum not only nourishes hair, but also ease tangles. It induces shine and luster, and rejuvenates dry and chemically treated hair. Khadi natural herbal hair serum for dry hair is the wonder cure for split ends. It contains extracts of Brahmi, Shikakai, amla, Bhringraj which helps in natural shine. It stops premature graying of hair & helps to strengthen hair roots. Instruction of use: You can apply it after shampooing. Take a few drops of hair serum in your hands. Then, rub them between your palms and smooth the serum over, across, and through your wet hair.

Biotique Mountain Ebony Vitalizing Serum For Falling Hair Intensive Hair Growth Treatment

Best Serum For Dry Hair_Derje
Best Serum For Dry Hair

This serum promotes the quick growth of new hair. It soothes a flaky scalp and leaves it free from irritation and dryness. Also, nourishes your hair from root to tip to provide lustrous shine and smoothness. It contains the extracts of the Mountain Ebony tree that has stimulating and healing properties. Mountain Ebony extract also serves as an astringent and has antibacterial nature. It is also enriched with pure extracts of long pepper, mulethi with Himalayan water to tone your hair and scalp.

These are one of the best hair serums for dry hair. Decide your type, whether you want it for dry and frizzy hair or you want for smoothening. Then choose what suits your need the best.

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Q. Do hair serums really work?

Hair serums may provide some benefits. If hair serums contain ingredients that moisturize the scalp and increase blood flow to the scalp, they can significantly improve the condition of the scalp. So, hair serum will not increase hair growth, but it may encourage producing follicles to grow thicker, shinier hair.

Q. Can we use hair serum daily?

Can We Use Hair Serum Daily? Haircare experts do not recommend serums for everyday use. Limit the use of serums to special days and the days you wash your hair. But if you have extremely unmanageable and frizzy hair, you can use an oil-based serum every day as well.   

Q. Can serum helps hair grow?

Natural hair growth serum provides an effective solution to promote faster, thicker, and stronger hair growth and prevents further loss and weakening of hair. It improves the overall health of hair and scalp and works deeply in the roots and follicles. Nourishes dry hair: Dry, rough hair can look lifeless and dull.                                                      


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