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What Should You Know About Being An Influencer?


In recent times, being an influencer has become a type of mainstream profession for many people, specifically on social media platforms. Especially after or during the pandemic, social media influencers indeed played a huge role in several of our lives. Despite the rise of influencers on Instagram, people are actually enjoying the company of up-and-coming influencers. Getting into bed, scrolling down, and watching every reel that comes on the feed the whole day, has now become most of our hobbies. Am I right, guys?

Speaking of which, the reels and posts that we see on social media are a way of interaction between you and the influencer. Besides, it is not an easy-peasy job to become a high-key influencer, it needs a lot of work and ideas to put in. Remember, there is always some story behind every influencer’s insta-glam pictures; from making content to attracting the audience, indeed there is a lot of stuff we need to know about being an influencer! 

What are the Types of influencers? 

To go deeper into the subject of Influencers; we need to understand why and what types of influencers are categorized. The types of influencers are classified into five groups namely based on the follower count. ‘The more followers the more engagement and trust’ is sometimes a myth, guys.
But the more interaction the influencer makes, the more one can gain from social media. So, starting from scratch is for all it’s worth, though it’s important to keep consistency! 


  1. Mega influencers: Influencers with more than a million followers, basically top-notch celebrities fall into this category. For instance, Cristiano Ronaldo is the most-followed person on Instagram, and he earns approximately 12 crores per post.  
  2. Macro influencers: An audience size between 500,000 and 1 million followers. Mostly these influencers are from the entertainment field (celebs, athletes, TV personalities).  
  3. Mid-tier influencers: Even though they have an estimated reach range between 50,000 to 500,000, they are considered to impact the audience more. 
  4. Micro-influencers: They reach a considerably small number of followers, ranging up to 50,000 followers. However, this group earned the name and fame when it comes to engagement and trust among its followers. Well, is that what any influencer wants, right?
  5. Nano-influencer: It has the least follower count, but also has the highest engagement rate of any other influencer type. In addition to being cost-effective, nano-influencers rarely charge brands they work with and focus primarily on building relationships. Well, any aspiring influencer will get this point! 

Things to ask yourself before becoming an influencer

Can you be consistent? 

‘How to be consistent?’ – This is quite a good question to ask yourself every day as you strive to build your influence on social media. As you see, every influencer has their own unique way of creating content. However, the uniqueness could possibly stay within the people’s hearts only if you have consistent communication. Making sure you have enough time to post and create content for social media will empower you as a better influencer once and for all. 

What will be your bio and profile about?

At times, even when you are at best an influencer, something seems off. The number of brands approaching you is quite low, as you can see. The point is, that you have nothing to fear by being an influencer, the only thing you have to remember is that your bio and profile are well optimized. A business account/creator bio usually includes the website link, the niche, and a brief intro. 

What’s your niche?

The first question, you have to ask yourself ‘What do you want as your thing?’ In simple words, it is the passion or niche that you would love to work on in the long run. Well, absolutely, it is something that you are ready to do for the next five years or even fifty years. If you love something so much, automatically, you will also have a good understanding of it. There are many niches on the internet, starting from travel, to beauty, fitness, fashion, gaming, entrepreneurship, and so many others.

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What’s your go-to content form?

The second most important thing to consider becoming an ever-growing influencer on social media, especially, on FaceBook, or Instagram, is how you intend to influence people. For instance, reels are the recent popular content style that gain a large amount of attention. So make sure you master Instagram reels or any short video formats. And for that, all you have to do is research the content, shoot it interestingly, and ta-da your piece is ready to post!

Are you ready for brand collaborations?  

Well, you have gotten your audience, the bio and profile are well-optimized, your consistency level is to the next level, and almost everything is set for you to become an influencer. However, the one thing is missing and that is ‘are you ready to pitch to brand collabs’?
Using Google, one can find several PR firms that are willing to work with influencers for brand awareness. However, make the talk more crispy by sounding more of an influencer pro, that is talk about your social handles, websites, audience sizes, and demographics on several of your handles on social media, and a list of brands that you have previously worked with. 


Do you know your audience? 

Baby steps are tough, but so be it. At first, you might find it hard to communicate with your followers, scared that something will go wrong. Although, building a relationship with the community that you are thriving for is a good payoff for being an influencer. It is not necessarily a face-to-face convo, but a live, polling, comment chat, DMs, maybe just the ticket.

Can you build your own community?

Let’s just say, Komal Pandey is known for her fashion-like therapy, and Guru Mann is known for his fitness-like therapy. Think of your name used as a signature for something that you have always aspired for! Wouldn’t it be nice if you had something for yourself? Getting to know your followers is the first step. Don’t let it slip!  


Instagram influencers are well-known on social media, earn money, and amass millions of followers by expressing their inner creativity. Sounds intriguing and really satisfying? But before you dive in, keep in mind that there is a sea of influencers out there, both new and seasoned, and you’d need to put in a lot of work to stand out. 


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