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4 Simple Tips to Consider the Right Bell Bags for Women


Half urban, half bohemian, the bell bags are the intermediary between the traditional handbag and the satchel. Its advantage: is being able to keep your hands free. If you want to stow your small items well, you should think of a bell bag. Whether at school, in the office, or in everyday life, the wallet, the cell phone, and the keys need to be safely stowed away.

What Are Bell Bags?

Roughly speaking, all bags that have a strap so that the bag can be placed over the shoulder are considered bell bags. This also includes travel bags, briefcases, and sports bags. But since they have different purposes, these can then be explained in more detail. The only purpose of a bell bag is that all the small items that have to be carried find their place. The bell bag can therefore be understood as a storage device for all everyday items.

Handbags are still more popular with women. Men in particular keep reaching for bell bags. But many women nowadays also take advantage of the option of wearing a bell bag instead of a handbag. This is mainly due to the great variety that these bags can offer. They are available in all imaginable colors, with motifs and patterns, and also without. In addition, there is volume and compartments so that the bell bag can offer more than just storing small items.

Different Types of Bell Bags

To be able to meet all expectations of a bell bag, a wide variety of these can be found on the market. To get an overview of the individual types, they are explained in more detail below.

Messenger Bags

The messenger bag has its origins in the world of bicycle couriers who use them to deliver their goods. But they can also be seen very well in society, as they offer enough space for all kinds of things. Depending on the volume of the bell bag, there is space for a laptop, an A4 pad, drinks, and a mobile phone. The many compartments of the bag offer the advantage that everything is safely stowed away.

In addition, the messenger bag is characterized by the fact that it has a flap to which the closure of the bag is usually attached. The shoulder straps are long and wide so that a few more loads can be carried. In terms of style, the messenger bag leaves nothing to be desired. Whether simple or colorful, with or without motifs in urban style, everything is possible.

Tarpaulin Bags

As the name suggests, tarpaulin bags are made from tarpaulin. What is otherwise only known from the truck or as a cover is also represented in the bell bags. The big advantage of these bags is that they are particularly weatherproof. The rain just rolls off. The tarpaulin bags are also significantly cheaper than other types, but this will not affect the appearance.

Post Bags

A postbag found its way into society via the postman. This bell bag is rather small, square, or elongated and is only intended for the bare minimum. The drink, the wallet, and the mobile phone always find their place. Most post bags are made of leather, but other materials are also possible.

Flap Pocket Bags

The flap bag was the first-ever bell bag. It got its name not because of the shape, but because of the type of closure. With these shoulder bags, a wrap is laid over the inner compartments and the front of the bag. Whether an additional button or another fastener is attached depends on the respective model. The mother of all bell bags did not have this, the cover was considered the closure for the bag in those days.

How to Choose the Right Bell Bag?

In addition to the visual aspect, the size, material, and closure should also be considered when buying the bell bag.

Find The Right Size

Depending on the intended use of the bell bag, attention should be paid to a suitable size or volume. If you want to go to the office, school, or university with your bag, you should be able to stow away all the things you need with you. This is especially true for laptops, notebooks, and breakfast. Messenger bags are the largest shoulder bags and also offer the convenience of many inner compartments.

Find The Right Locking Technology

Safety should also be considered with a bell bag. After all, pickpockets are lurking everywhere these days. If you want to protect your belongings, you have to pay attention to the correct closure. The bell bags offer a lot, but many of them have disadvantages, especially in terms of security.

The Right Material

When it comes to the material, it’s all about the look. The bell bag is available in numerous materials that all look different and also have different prices.

Leather bags are trendy today. They look good, the material offers the advantage that the shoulder bags are soft but still robust. The disadvantage for many buyers is the price. Shoulder bags made of real leather are very expensive to buy.

Tip: Genuine leather bags have to be well cared for so that the leather can last a long time. Bell bags made of polyester materials are cheaper. The material is characterized by the fact that it is light and very easy to clean. The visual impression is mostly what many people call a disadvantage, as the cheap price is often seen.

It can also depend on the material of the inner lining. Especially those who want to carry their laptop in their shoulder bag should make sure that one compartment is additionally padded.

Find The Right Strap

bell bags

The strap is crucial for the shoulder bag. Because after all, he bears the entire burden. A bell bag must have a wider and padded strap to carry the heavy load. In addition, the belt should be adjustable, which is the case with most models these days. So, everyone can decide whether the bell bag should be carried straight over one shoulder or across.


What are Bell Bags?

Bell Bags are small bags with straps and can be carried on the shoulder. The main purpose of a bell bag is that all the small items that have to be carried find their place. The bell bag can therefore be understood as a storage device for all everyday items.

What are the different types of Bell Bags?

Different types of Bell Bags are Messenger Bags, Tarpaulin Bags, Post Bags & Flap Pocket Bags.

How to choose the right bell bag?

To choose the right bell bag. You must keep in mind the following points –

  • Find The Right Size
  • Find The Right Locking Technology
  • The Right Material
  • Find The Right Strap

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