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The Best Fashion Designers To Watch Out For In 2020

Best Fashion Designers

Fashion designers not only design clothes but also millions of dreams. As quoted by Ralph Lauren “Fashion is not necessarily about labels and brands. It’s about something else that comes from within us”. Here, in this article, we’re going to share The Best Fashion Designers Of 2020. 

Over the years we have seen many emerging fashion designers. But when it comes to inspiring an entire generation, these 10 fashion designers are always on the list. Without wasting any more time, let us have a look at the list. 

The Best Fashion Designers Of 2020

1. Brandon Kee

Brandon Kee
Brandon Kee

Being a fresher in the fashion world, Brandon Kee brings a fresh and vibrant energy to the New York City fashion. His urban street style is influenced by his upbringing in a small community in Utah. Kee made his first debut in the season 16 of Project Runway and has successfully created his own brand since then. He completed his studies at San Francisco’s Academy of Art University before moving to New York City to claim his rightful place in the fashion world. 

2. Tomo Koizumi 

Tomo Koizumi
Tomo Koizumi

Tomo Koizumi is a Japanese fashion designer who made a huge appearance at the New York Fashion Week with his bigger-than-life organza dresses that were inspired by abstract art. Koizumi says his designs were created purely for the purpose of promoting joy using Vibrant colors and ruffles. With no formal training in fashion designing, Koizumi got his start in the industry by working as an assistant in a costume design shop based in Japan.

3. Chelsea Grays 

Chelsea Grays
Chelsea Grays 

Chelsea’s interest in fashion designing sparked while she worked as a sales associate at the Banana Republic. She earned her MFA in Fashion Design at the Academy of Art University after receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from North Carolina Central University. Her wild creation of menswear line was featured at New York Fashion Week (NYFW) as well as the CFDA’s Fashion Future Graduate Showcase.

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4. Catherine Holstein

Catherine Holstein
Catherine Holstein

Holstein’s latest Spring 2020 release filled with rhinestones and soft silhouettes has set benchmarks in defining the spring and summer trends next year.  Her brand Khaite is all about blending opposing elements like masculinity and femininity in her designs. Many celebrities have worn the work of Khaite including Michelle Obama and Katie Holmes. 

5. Christopher Cabalon

Christopher Cabalon
Christopher Cabalon

Philippines native Chris Cabalona has a mission to bring environmental friendly fashion to the world of haute couture. A graduate from the Academy of Art University, Chris also believes in breaking as many design rules as possible without sacrificing aesthetics. His design was featured in NYFW and CFDA’s Fashion Future Graduate Showcase.

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6. Mélanie Pothron

Mélanie Pothron
Mélanie Pothron

After graduating with a fashion design degree in France, Mélanie founded her own brand, Aurore Van Milhem, by selling handmade clothing on Instagram. She brings a delicately spun femininity to modern womenswear with dainty ribbons, bows, and sheer fabrics. Industry experts agree that she’s high on the list of best fashion designers in 2020 to look out for.

7. Christopher John Rogers

Christopher John Rogers

Born in Baton Rouge and a current resident of Brooklyn, Rogers’ latest 2020 Spring collection totally stole the show at New York Fashion Week. He is best known for creating vibrantly hued fantasy gowns and hats for women. He is developing an industry reputation for putting the “fun” in formals, but his trademark impeccable tailoring also reveals his consummate professionalism. 

8. Phillip Lim 

Phillip Lim

Phillip Lim became an instant hit on the haute couture scene with his 3.1 Phillip Lim line. Lim creates contemporary twists on classic styles to be worn by both men and women. Initially, Lim used to intern with the fashion industry luminary Katayone Adeli and got his start as a clerk in Barney’s in Beverly Hills.

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9. Emily Adams Bode

Emily Adams Bode

Emily is the first female designer in fashion history to show at the men’s division at NYFW and brings an innovative eye to modern workwear. She takes her inspiration from antique textiles and classic design traditions while maintaining an up-to-date edge that blends the boundaries between gendered clothing.

10. Kenneth Nicholson

Kenneth Nicholson
Kenneth Nicholson

Based in Los Angels, Nicholson knew from a young age that he wanted to be a fashion designer. He debuted his brand in January 2016 with an offering of subtle, non-traditional men’s wear. In the New York runway show, he introduced his first women’s piece with a joyful gender mix. 

Its the fashion designers who set trends with all their innovative ideas. So, this was our list of the Best Fashion Designers of 2020. I hope you found this article helpful and informative. 


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