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Sensational Bohemian Dresses for Woman

Bohemian dresses never go out of fashion. Regardless of the colour and continent, the Bohemian look has always been a favourite among women. If you want to know more about bohemian style, this article is just for you. 

The craze behind the Boho look can make you insane. According to the definition, Bohemian conveys a free-spirited persona, and the outfits are just a reflection of that. The only rule of boho fashion is that it has no rule. You can mix and match its accessories, and you are good to go.

You can create a perfect boho look just by being imperfect, which is the best thing. In this article, we will share some Bohemian styling ideas so that you create them with ease. 

What Is Bohemian Style?

Bohemian Clothing can be used as an exotic substitute for mainstream trends. People who follow bohemian culture are mostly connected with the artistic spirit with a rustic vibe. The Boho tribe is often involved in writing, arts, and intellectual activities. 

A boho attire is identified by a free-flowing, vibrant clothing style, also known as hippie style, aesthetic dress, and boho chic. As representatives of a thriving subculture that values creativity and poverty for social conventions and institutions, bohemians stand out in a crowd. Previously, an artist was considered a competent and talented craftsperson with long, flowing hair and rich, albeit shabby, attire. 

Origin Of Bohemian Style?

The origin of Bohemian might shock you as it was not a style statement at the beginning. Moreover, bohemians were the tribe who often roamed around places to places like refugees

After the French Revolution, the bohemians emerged as a subculture in France. Artists fell into poverty because of the previous patronage system, where wealthy people who loved to indulge in the arts were forcefully submerged into poverty. As a result, they adopted a nomadic way of life, spent little money, and dressed in shabby, out-of-date, or secondhand clothing.

In the past, an artist was considered a gifted and competent craftsperson. However, in favour of the imagination, the Romantic Movement of the late 18th century favoured the imagination and opposed the restrictions of bourgeois life.

Elements of Bohemian Dresses

As Bohemian dresses need to look hippie and Junkie, and that is why keeping more accessories can create a perfect boho look. Here is the list. 

  • Choose fabrics among Cotton, Linen, Silk, and Velvet. 
  • Keep the shades into natural colours like- Parisian Blue, Sap green, grey, etc.
  • To make the look more hippie, use hats, shawls, bags, etc.
  • Flower embroidery on your accessories provides a gipsy look; go for it.
  • Using a head wrap enhances the boho vibe.
  • Layering is the key so keep playing with them.
  • Keep the look loose and flowy; Oversized clothes can do wonders. 
  • Curly hair looks pretty natural, or you can keep it. 
  • Go with metallic and junk jewellery. 
  • Keep your shoe natural with Roman sandals, Cowboy boots, Ankle length boots. 

Styling Bohemian Dresses for Women 

Styling is the most creative thing; it begins with you. Your outfit reflects your vibe. So, if you do not look at current trends and want to change them per your terms, you are most welcome. Here we will share some styling ideas which you can adopt. 

 1. Maxi Dresses

A floral maxi dress with a big hat can look amazing as a boho look. Pair it with ankle-length boots, and you are good to go. Wear a V-neck and use elegant jewellery to enhance the vibe. 

 2. Knee Length Bohemian Dresses

If you love to keep it short, just go with it. So, the secret is that you must add more jewellery to make it hippie. Pair your dress with cowboy boots and a headband. Add more junkie bangles to create a perfect boho look.

 3. Skirts 

Skirts are the perfect wardrobe for the bohemian look and wearing a long boho printed skirt can look gorgeous to you. Wearing an oversized tee shirt with a side knot can look cool. To complete this look, layer it with a denim jacket. 

 4. Boho Pants 

Styling with pants, especially Harem pants or Palazzos, is the best fit for a Boho look. These flowy pants with ethnic prints are just amazing for a bohemian look. Pair the pant with sleek tops and a lot of junkie jewellery. Roman sandals look great with them.

 5. Tops 

You might be confused with the right pair of tops, but as I told you, imperfections work great. So, grab an oversized top with a simple patchwork that can go well. You can choose printed flowy tops or a shirt to mesmerize others. 

 6. Denim 

Styling without denim is just next to impossible, so you can wear denim for that boho vibe. Cool comfy, flared, or baggy jeans are enough to make you look perfect boho chic. 

Some Bohemian Bloggers You Must Follow

Apart from those styling ideas, you can watch some bloggers with great styling sense. Here I am sharing some of the best bloggers whom you must follow. 

 1. That Boho Girl

When discussing bohemian bloggers, we must bring That Boho Girl, A.K.A Kritika Khurana at the top of the list. She creates distinctive Boho styling, which you should not miss. 

 2. Komal Pandey

Another fashion blogger Komal Pandey is there to make you more trendy. You can follow her on Instagram to check out her bohemian dresses.

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 3. Aashna Shroff

Aashna is one of the renowned fashion bloggers from India, and she also won Cosmopolitan in 2019. Her travel blogs are so popular among fans. You can check her travel blogs for bohemian dresses styles.

 4. Meg Legs 

This American happy hippy girl, Meg Leg, can teach you extraordinary bohemian style for bohemian dresses. You just need to check out her blogs.

 5. Indie Foxx

Indie Foxx, bohemian dresses

I would like to end the list of bohemian dresses with Indie Foxx. Her heavy wavy hair seems to be the cherry on top of her unique fashion sense. You must follow this girl for amazing bohemian dresses.


So, we are ending this bohemian dresses blog here and hope this article has been helpful to you. If you want to add any recommendations, our comment section is always open to you.

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