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Must-Watch 6 Highest-Rated Netflix series of 2022 so far!


There is one thing that we can do to keep ourselves entertained on weekdays is by watching movies or shows. Moreover, Netflix has all kinds of genres starting from romance, horror, thriller, action-comedy, documentary, and so on. Some series may restrain us high in fascination while some take our breath out. Ain’t FOMO here, since Netflix keeps on adding more and more entertaining series every week. Here are the six prime-time series you need to watch on Netflix to experience a new vibe. 

Stranger Things 

The well-written script is one of the reasons why the show is the best. Starting from interesting characters, to toe-tapping scenes, soundtrack, and villains, the Stranger Things team has promised that the series’ future is in good hands. 

The latest season was a massive success with so many things happening and a much-awaited climax. If you are a sci-fi lover, then this series should be your comfort series by now! Besides, the Duffer Brothers also did amazing cast work which included Winona Ryder and David Harbour.

Netflix series

The series is also appreciated for its great casting, direction, screenplay, cinematography, background music score, editing, and whatnot. With a suffix amount of mystery and scintillating tales, Stranger Things is for all ages. Moreover, the series was released in 2016 and is still ranked among the top 10s on the ‘best Netflix series of 2022’ list.

All of us are dead

Koreans have recently covered every corner of the world with their art and talent work. Kpop is ruling the music industry, and Kdramas or Korean dramas are sweeping the other side of the entertainment industry. 

Unlike the usual zombie stories, this one got an amazing plot twist, with beautiful characters, musical effects, and compelling performances. Initially, the series revolves around high school students, attempting to escape from zombies with lots of actions and exciting scenes that keep you on the edge of your seat.

Netflix series

And the latter part becomes even more awesome, as the students fight for survival in the midst of friendship, love, and dedication for each other. For a nail-biting session, you can give it a shot by watching All Of Us Are Dead.

Moreover, many people loved watching it, as they found the series relatable to their life experiences. As a whole, this is a good classic zombie drama filled with heart-warming action, appealing characters, and some really emotional scenes throughout.

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Business proposal 

Another Korean drama is on the list. Yes, I personally fell in love with this office romance drama. Business Proposal is actually a webtoon, which got its adaptation as a Netflix Show in 2022.

This series did a fabulous job of blending both romance and humor. The show was enjoyed by many for its casting work, sparkling chemistry, Bro-Sismance, dialogue delivery, filming locations, direction, screenplay, and cinematography. It may be one of the typical Korean cliché dramas but it gives off the vibes of 2017 or 2018 rom-com dramas.

It is one of those series where once you start watching the drama you’ll want to have more and more. Business Proposal is a face paced drama so everything happens pretty quickly but it doesn’t feel rushed surprisingly. Humor, romance, drama, trauma, emotional aspects, this drama has it all!

Apart from the leads, the second lead couple’s chemistry is cherished the most throughout the series. To spend your Sunday afternoon in the most fun way, you can watch this comedy, refreshing, chaotic, cute, romantic, light-hearted drama for a good change.

La Casa De Papel or Money heist 

I still remember watching this series during the first half of the pandemic. It is no wonder why the Spanish series was adapted into various languages, including Korean. The series deals with mind games, and awe-striking strategies to plan a heist.

Netflix series

If you are suffering from Stockholm syndrome just like me, then this series is a must-watch for you. Not only did the director take the series with a strategic approach, but many people indeed felt attached to the characters and stories till the last or fifth season. And a special shout-out to the soundtrack the series has, especially the Bella Ciao playing at the end of every season. 

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Squid Game

Squid Game has gained a lot of recognition around the world. And moreover, this is considered a turning point for the Korean drama industry. The popularity and fan base the cast and the series have as a whole are enormously huge. The series has given a new genre that no one has ever or never been contemplating before. Generally, the series is about hundreds of poor-class Koreans who are convinced to participate in a mysterious set of games as a trade for money.

However, they never expected what the penalty would be. And this is where everyone found the psychological drama captivating. Besides, the soundtrack and characters were iconic, and no matter how many years pass by, Squid Game will be enjoyed forever. In case you’re looking for a fun night that keeps you on edge of your seat and intrigued at the same time, then the Squid game is a surefire hit. 


If you are for soooo into romantic series, then Bridgerton is a fine choice for a worthwhile watch. The series is a perfect blend of romance, fashion, grandeur, drama, scandal, royal, sex, an enticing diverse cast, and above all true love. And on grounds of these, the series is one of the highest-rated series of all time on Netflix. Bridgerton is a novel-inspired series, and the author Shonda Rhimes indeed achieved the goal in the best way possible. 

And if you are planning to watch it now, make sure the next eight hours are spare. Because this series is an ideal example of good escapism and binge-able shows. On the whole, this periodic piece is refreshing, and especially the crackling chemistry between the leads may sometimes make people believe that they are couples in real life. I bet no one will come out without falling for Simon Basset and Daphne Bridgerton. 


Hope you enjoy the best time of your life by watching any one of these really amazing series on Netflix. Keep in touch with us for more latest updates.! 


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