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THE BEST AND EASY WAYS TO GET RID OF PIMPLES – How do you quickly get rid of a pimple?


How to remove pimples from face naturally in one day at home?

Pimples and acne can definitely ruin our festive and party mood. It becomes the most annoying situation when pimples pop up on the skin before a red-letter day. Acnes and pimples are very common skin problems which everyone faces in their life irrespective of gender. The most prone areas of our body to canes and pimples are neck, face, back, chest, and shoulders. There are many PIMPLE HACKS in the market that promise to get rid of pimples fast.

You must be wondering, how to remove pimples from face naturally in one day at home? You just want them to disappear. Acnes and pimples mostly occur during the teenage period due to changes in hormonal changes.

Acnes and pimples are basically caused when the pores of our skin get blocked with the oil, dirt, or bacteria and maybe dead skin. The sebaceous gland of your body secretes oil to lubricate the skin and maintain its softness. The oil gets released from the glands which travel the hair (as the pore of our skin open to the follicle which is made up of air and sebaceous gland). When the glands produce excess oil due to hormonal changes it blocks the hair follicle gets clogged. So the pimple on the skin surfaces appears when bacteria grow in a clogged pore and the oil is not able to escape.

So this article is focused on best pimple rules that will give you clearer skin. Healthy skin also leads also contributes to natural and glowy makeup. Follow these simple pimple hacks at home and you will be set.

It is been observed that many people pop up the pimple present on the skin to get rid of it quickly. But in fact, popping pimples can cause damage to the skin as it can lead to loss of tissues that can result in horrible and freighting acne scars. There are various factors that cause pimples. These include 

1-Side effects of certain medication.

2- Pregnancy, because as hormone changes during that period, and many women develop pimples and acne.

3- An unhealthy diet with more junk such as bread, chips, etc. and lack of proper nutrients and proteins in the diet.

4- Hormonal changes during puberty.

5- Dehydration.

Hence we need to take care of these factors to stop developing pimples. So we would like to share with you some amazing PIMPLE HACKS with you to get clear, clean, and soft and pimple-free skin.

1- Aloe Vera gel for reducing redness – Cooling Pimple Hacks

Get rid of pimples_Derje
Cool your skin to get rid of pimples

Aloe Vera has cooling properties so it can help you get rid of the redness of pimples and get you pleasant and soft skin. Slit the aloe Vera leaf to extract its gel and apply it on the pimple and acne. It can instantly reduce the inflammation on the skin, cures pimples without leaving any acne scar behind on your skin. If you do not have aloe vera leaf with you then don’t worry you can easily buy it from the market and go for an organic way.

2- Cucumber has a cooling effect – Hydrating Pimple Hacks

Hydrate to get rid of pimples

Cucumber helps the skin to look soft, hydrated, glowing, and beautiful. As it contains vitamin A and E and anti-inflammatory properties which work well to keep our skin smooth, soft, healthy, and protect the skin from damage. It has a cooling effect which works effectively on the pimple and helps to reduce redness. For best results, all you need is to cut cucumber unto slices and soak few slices in water overnight and apply on the affected area.

3- Garlic has anti-bacterial properties – Bacterial Pimple Hacks

Garlic always works well to rescue us from pimples and acne. It has antibacterial and anti-oxidants properties. It can help to prevent pimples if we add more garlic to our diet besides garlic is also effective in purifying blood. For best result soak garlic cloves for few minutes and gently rub o the pimples and wash with clean cold water.

4- Ice cube soothens the pimple – Icing Pimple Hacks

How to remove pimples from face naturally in one day at home_Derje
Ice Cubes for Pimples

A pimple can be troublesome when it swells up and becomes red so ice cubes can be used to reduce pain redness and swelling of the pimples. Ice cubes for pimples provides a cooling effect to reduce inflammation related to acne. You can wrap the ice cube in a cotton cloth and hold it on the affected area. You can try this easiest of the pimple hacks as many times in a day.

Prevention Pimple Hacks – Some useful tips that may help you prevent pimple or acne

1- Wash your face twice a day.

2- Avoid picking the pimples

3- Stay hydrated 

4- Reduce sun exposure to the skin by wearing sunscreen whenever you go outside.

5- Reduce stress

6- Eat healthily.

7- Moisturizing the skin daily.

Pimples are definitely a huge setback for anyone’s self-image. With all these small tips and tricks will prevent your skin from breaking out. This prevention pimple hacks will help in getting clean and glowy skin without any worry.

No need to worry on how do you quickly get rid of a pimple? As we have all the answers for pimple hacks at home.

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