13 Best Gifts You Can Give To Your Loved Ones This Diwali!

Diwali is around the corner, yet many are clueless about getting the perfect present for their loved ones. On the other hand, gifting sweets, especially dry fruits, idols of deities, wall hangings, and many more are the most common yet sacred gifts that one can give to someone on the Diwali occasion. It is what everyone, including me, used to receive as well as give for every Diwali.

If you are one of those, who are considering different presents for your loved ones this year? Then, continue reading to know what other interesting and auspicious gifts you can give to someone on this very beautiful occasion. I bet; these gifts will surely make this Diwali very memorable for both of you!

Best Gifts That You Can Give This Diwali

Let’s get started with the list of gifts that you can give to your loved ones.

1. Chai Sampler Box 


Chai is one of the best refreshments which not only calms you down but perks you up as well. So definitely a chai sampler box will be an extensive idea of a gift, which has five to six favorite blends for any chai lover to try. You can try Indian authentic blends from Bombay Cutting Chai to Assam Masala Chai to Kolkata Street Chai to Ayurvedic Chai blends and even more. 

2. Perfume

If you’re confused about what gift should be chosen, then I suggest, opting for incense can always make it easy for you. There’s a wide range of spices available and you can choose them fluently according to the person’s preference.

Diwali Perfume Gifts

In that case, if you aren’t sure what they love, you can always buy incense that has fresh citrusy notes, as they’re loved by most of them and suitable for every occasion and mood. Incense plays a role in memory, as whenever they will take a trace of the scent, they will be always reminded of your love and the moments you have spent together.

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3. Turkish Tea Set

Turkey has always been famous for its robust beverages, and tea is the most treasured one of all. There is a separate Wikipedia page for tea in Turkey alone. Oracle, Apple, and Rize are the most common and unique tea leaves that grow in Turkey. Turkish Tea set gift is perhaps something that may seem non-Indian and Indian as well.

4. Dry Fruit and Nuts Diwali Gift Box

The most commonly given yet thoughtful Diwali gift, in everyone’s life. Nevertheless, it is a perfect gift for every occasion. Because, a dry fruit gift pack is quite a thoughtful, wholesome, and timely present that will leave your friend or family member feeling more appreciated than ever this Diwali. They are healthy with no artificial preservatives and the perfect choice for this post-coronavirus Diwali. 

5. Genda Phool

Normally in India, we used to decorate everything with a Genda because it looks bright and bold. It is even a tradition for us to use flowers for every single celebration, as it puts on an aesthetic finish to any decoration. If you are looking for hanging decor you can go with Genda phool balls. Gifting a Genda Phool will make us look natural and conventional in a good way.

6. Parfait Collection


Parfait collection is the most lovely gift to give to your family to show how much you care for and love them, and in fact, it’s by far an exceptional present for this Diwali. Made from nutritious superfoods, this gift collection is supremely healthy, delicious, and luxurious. It’s a collection of fashionable components in specific combinations, best for sharing as a present or indulging yourself.

7. Henna

The art of Henna holds a special history in Indian culture. It dates back to around 9000 years ago since its earliest art. Originally, henna has been used to regulate body temperature due to its natural cooling properties. Consequently, henna is now mostly used at weddings, festivals, and other special occasions when people gather together for joyous celebrations.

8. Scented Candle Set

In Indian culture, specifically during the Diwali time, light plays a significant role, as it brings purity, happiness, fortune, and power. Besides, on this new moon day, that is Diwali, millions of people light diyas to celebrate spirituality and unity among people. And for this reason, gifting a nice scented candle set is a perfect present one can possibly give to someone.

9. Idols

Gifting idols is a perfect choice when it comes to gifting people on Diwali time, however, Lakshmi and Ganesha idols are considered the most auspicious. In fact, it is actually a ritual in Indian households to change Ganesha and Laksmi idols every year on Diwali. It’s believed akin to bringing the Gods into homes for the occasion.

10. Diwali Gift Box Set

Diwali Gift Box

We know that Diwali is the festival of lights that people in India celebrate by cracking crackers, wearing new outfits, and most importantly sharing love and happiness. So, we have an exciting gift, and one of them is called a Diwali gift box which contains Gulmohar, Noor, Kamal, and many more. And also, there are a lot more exciting gift ideas for Diwali. You can add Choco dry fruits, mini cookies, mini mithai, etc. which you can pack as a gift set. 

11. Rangoli Puzzle

Rangoli puzzle will be a perfect way to enjoy Indian culture. It is also an astute and intriguing gift to give to children for Diwali. Those who love to puzzle will definitely fall in love with the rangoli puzzle as a gift. It is a colourful eye-catching design that you can decorate the entrance of your house to welcome guests. 

12. Necklace

Necklace gifts will be more useful for women and also, and they love to receive them as a gift wholeheartedly, especially during Diwali deals. Usually, women demand something with love, and in that list, jewellery (necklaces, bangles, earrings, nose rings) do play a major role. It gives a hot and bold look to women when they are out for a function or somewhere.

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13. Spa Gift Basket

A spa gift is one of the most common yet impressive gift hampers to give this modern-day Diwali. There are several popular gift hampers to give, including Gourmet Festive Hampers from Park Hyatt, Luxury Trunk, La Baguette at The Imperial, JW Marriott, and many others. However, a spa hamper is something unique and amusing to give, because I feel most of us will undoubtedly need a nice and calm time right after Diwali. Am I right?


Gifting people on Diwali is a great way to express gratitude and love among your close ones. Indeed, it is a festival of love and happiness. Moreover, Indians have always been known for giving gifts on Diwali for centuries.

So, in order to have an endowed Diwali season this time as well, gifting is important, as it brings harmony, prosperity, love, and gratitude to those who you love and cherish to be around.

I hope you found some of the above-listed gifts perfect to give for this festival of lights. Stay in touch with us to read more latest articles!