Elevate Your Nail Designs: The 9 Must-Have Nail Art Brushes in 2023

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Nowadays people take additional care to beautify themselves more. Be it in terms of dressing sense or in the form of selecting a compatible hairstyle. All the procedures require their own set of tools. However, with the advancing technologies and ease of tools, these procedures now can be performed at home without the need of a professional.

Especially for those looking to make a change and try things on their own. Being such a case for nail art, we have classified the top 9 nail art brushes that can be used for personal or professional use based on their description. Let’s begin with the list of nail art brushes.

Our complete manual to the greatest nail art brush sets to be had in 2023 is designed to cater to both professional nail artists and DIY fans. We’ve evaluated many factors like brush length, form, and cloth to bring you a choice of excessive-acting products. They are both long-lasting and easy to smooth. 

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Top 9 Nail Art Brushes

1. Artdone Nail Art Brush Set

Artdone Nail Art Brush Set - Best Nail Art Brushes_derje
Artdone Nail Art Brush Set – Best Nail Art Brushes

The Artdone 31-piece Nail Art Tool Set is a good preference for individuals eager to craft specific and delightful nail designs. This set includes an array of brushes, dotting gear, and a dust brush to aid in achieving any favoured layout.

The striping meetings are perfect for creating lengthy lines, whilst the drawing pen facilitates problematic detailing. Crafted with premium substances, this set guarantees durability. Whether you’re a novice or a pro, the Artdone Nail Art Tool Set is a have-to-have on your collection.


  • Abundant 31 pieces for creative variety.
  • Also Includes dotting equipment.
  • Perfect for nail art lovers due to its sets of brushes.


  • Even though the product is of good quality, it might not be perfect for everyone.

2. The Beetles Gel Polish Nail Art Liner

The Beetles Gel Polish Nail Art Liner - Best Nail Art Brushes_derje
The Beetles Gel Polish Nail Art Liner – Best Nail Art Brushes

The Beetles Gel Polish Nail Art Liner Brushes are a five-piece Set that is good for everybody obsessed with careful nail artwork designs. With diamond application rhinestone handles and dotting drawing sizes starting from 5 to 20mm, these brushes are flexible for portraiture, drawing, and including fine details for your nails.

Crafted from top-notch substances, these brushes are cushy to keep, making them suitable for extended use. Whether you are an expert nail technician or an amateur, this set is a precious addition to your nail art toolkit.


  • Comes in five distinct brush sizes
  • Rhinestone handles add a hint of glamour and are easy to apply.
  • The set is versatile for nail artwork projects.


  • Even though the set is of good quality, the durability might be an issue if proper care is not taken.

3. AUOCATTAIL Nail Art Brush Set Pink Manicure Kit

AUOCATTAIL Nail Art Brush Set Pink Manicure Kit - Best Nail Art Brushes_derje
AUOCATTAIL Nail Art Brush Set Pink Manicure Kit – Best Nail Art Brushes

The 21-piece Nail Art Brushes and Tool Set via AUOCATTAIL is a need-to-have for any DIY nail artist. This comprehensive set consists of a whole lot of brushes, dotting pens, and carving gear to create complicated designs. It even comes with a resin palette and show board for smooth employer and showcasing of your designs.

Suitable for both domestic and salon use, this kit adds a vibrant contact of color to your series with its blended shade layout. Crafted from top-first-class substances this set ensures long-lasting performance for all your nail art desires.


  • 15 portions of flexible brushes.
  • Includes a palette to try.
  • Five 2-way acrylic silicone carving pens.


  • The set is not good for professional use.

4. Beetles Nail Art Brushes Set Gray 6pcs

Beetles Nail Art Brushes Set Gray 6pcs - Best Nail Art Brushes_derje
Beetles Nail Art Brushes Set Gray 6pcs – Best Nail Art Brushes

The Beetles Nail Art Brushes Set is an incredible addition to any DIY nail trimming package. This set encompasses six wonderful brushes designed for many functions. Which includes a gel polish brush, nail extension gel brush, nail art liner brush, and nail dotting pen.

These brushes are often made from extraordinary materials and are person-pleasant. Which makes them ideal for beginners and experts alike. With this set, you can craft complex and unique nail designs from the consolation of your house.


  • The set has six different brushes.
  • Ideal for tricky designs.
  • Includes a nail dotting pen for different designs.


  • The set can be used well with practice.

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5. Winstonia Striping Nail Art Brushes Set

Winstonia Striping Nail Art Brushes Set - Best Nail Art Brushes_derje
Winstonia Striping Nail Art Brushes Set – Best Nail Art Brushes

The Winstonia Striping Nail Art Brushes set is an essential tool for any nail artist, irrespective of their experience level. This tremendous trio of brushes enables you to create lengthy strains, problematic details, and great designs. Crafted from amazing materials, those brushes are best to be used with acrylic or gel nail polish.

This set guarantees you can produce stunning nail artwork that leaves an enduring influence. The brushes are smooth and easy, and their compact size makes them best for touring. Waste no time and upload the Winstonia Striping Nail Art Brushes set to your series nowadays!


  • The set is easy to use.
  • Minute details can be performed with the brushes.


  • May experience bristle losing after some use.

6. Siumir Nail Art Brushes Eight Pieces

Siumir Nail Art Brushes Eight Pieces - Best Nail Art Brushes_derje
Siumir Nail Art Brushes Eight Pieces – Best Nail Art Brushes

The Siumir Nail Art Brushes set contains 8 distinct brushes designed for various nail artwork designs. Manufactured with incredible substances, those brushes are both long-lasting and easy to use.

This set functions with detailed brushes and dotting gear for precise paintings, appropriate for each novice and professional. Measuring at a compact 18.8 x 7.2 x 1. Forty-three cm, they’re clean to keep and add a hint of aptitude to your nail artwork endeavours.


  • The set has eight exclusive brush of different sizes.
  • The set is perfect for different type of nail arts.
  • The brushes are durable and smooth to apply nail art.


  • The brushes set has less pieces than other alternatives.

7. Diesisa Nail Art Brushes Set

Diesisa Nail Art Brushes Set - Best Nail Art Brushes_derje
Diesisa Nail Art Brushes Set – Best Nail Art Brushes

The Diesisa 8-piece Nail Art Brushes Set is a precious addition to any nail art fanatic’s collection. Featuring a double-ended design, this set gives various brush options for both intricate and primary nail art.

The set consists of dotting pens, extension gel brushes, and nail liner brushes, all decorated with glitter shell collection handles for elegant contact. Whether you are an expert or a DIY nail artist, this set excels at crafting stunning nail designs. Additionally, the brushes are crafted from notable substances, making sure long-lasting use.


  • The set consist of eight-piece brushes.
  • The set is of professional level and.


  • Over a long use, brushes might get build-ups faster.

8. SAVILAND 6pcs Nail Art Liner Brushes Set

SAVILAND 6pcs Nail Art Liner Brushes Set - Best Nail Art Brushes_derje
SAVILAND 6pcs Nail Art Liner Brushes Set – Best Nail Art Brushes

The Saviland 6-piece Nail Art Liner Brushes Set is a wonderful addition. With varying brush sizes starting from 7 to 23 mm. Those brushes are best for creating strains and tricky nail designs. The overwhelmed diamond rhinestone handles add a hint of glamor. Crafted from pinnacle-fine substances, these brushes are both long-lasting and easy to clean. 


  • The set has six one-of-a-kind brush sizes
  • Comfortable with the use because of rhinestone handles.


  • The brushes are not universal for all type of minute nail art work.

9. TEOYALL Nail Art Brushes

TEOYALL Nail Art Brushes - Best Nail Art Brushes_derje
TEOYALL Nail Art Brushes – Best Nail Art Brushes

TEOYALL Nail Art Brushes are available in various sizes. Which are made from top-class substances for sturdiness and simplicity of use. By making them perfect for both novices and experts. While their vibrant shade alternatives upload value to your nail art toolkit.


  • Available in a couple of vibrant colors.
  • All the brushes included are of different sizes and pattern.


  • The set might not be encouraged for the beginners.

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Nail art work is in great trend now a days. For the people wanting to follow the trends it is nothing new to try out something different. Even for the professionals, number of tools are available on the web to get their work done with more satisfaction. So, enhance your nail art with these pinnacle-rated sets, and allow your creativity to shine. Enjoy your nail artwork adventure!


How do I pick the proper nail artwork brush?

Choose a nail art brush based on the layout you need to create. Consider the brush length, form, and bristle first class that best suits your wishes.

How should I care for my nail artwork brushes?

Clean your brushes after each use with moderate soap. Also, heat water, reshape the bristles, and allow them to air dry. Avoid exposing them to direct daylight or warmth.

Can I use nail art brushes for make-up?

Nail art brushes are not appropriate for make-up use. They’re designed for exclusive purposes. Using them for make-up might not yield the preferred outcomes.

Are these nail artwork brush units appropriate for beginners?

Some units are beginner-pleasant, whilst others may also need practice. It’s high-quality to pick out a set that suits your ability stage and desired nail artwork projects.

Cute Nail Designs You Can Do Yourself

Nail arts have been dope for over two decades and have recently become a trend in social media among several fashion influencers. Back in those days, the only nail art we knew was painting nails with whatever nail color was available on the market. But look, how fashion has changed over time! Now we have a lot of elements that can embellish your nails depending on the occasion you are planning to attend. Nail art has moreover, become a way of conveying creativeness and a subculture among women’s fashion. 

To begin with, a basic manicure is a must before trying on a unique and pretty nail design. Well, no one wants to get under the weather over a nail infection, right? Besides, you can continue to scroll down to see the 10 easy DIY cute nail art ideas you can design yourself!

Cute nail designs you can do yourself 

Colorful splash

Things you need:

  • Any shade of nail polish
  • A paintbrush
  • Cotton swabs
  • White nail polish

How to do it?

Apply white nail polish as the base. Dip the paintbrush into any one of your favorite shades of nail polish. Using your thumb stroke the bristles of the brush gently over the nails. Now you will get a colorful splash of nail art. 

Dual tone

Things you need:

  • Cut stripes of scotch tape
  • Two shades of nail polish(preferably black and gold)
  • Clear top coat

How to do it?

Apply two coats of black nail polish as the base. Let it dry for a few minutes. Stick the stripes on the tip of the nails. Now apply the gold nail polish over the uncovered section. Remove the tape and apply the top coat.


Things you need:

  • A scotch tape
  • Different shades and combinations of nail polish (preferably purple and lavender) 

How to do it?

Apply the purple as the base and allow it to dry. Cut the tape into stripes and stick it from the center of the nail to one side of the tip. Use another strip to cover the other side of the tip. Now a triangle is formed in the uncovered area. And paint the triangle with lavender. Finish the art with a clear top coat. 


Things you need:

  • White shade
  • Clear nail polish
  • Scotch tape
  • Lace trimmings 

How to do it?

Start with applying lacquer(clear nail polish) as the base followed by placing the lace trimmings on the nails. Apply the white nail polish over the lace patterns. Allow it to dry and remove the lace trimmings. Apply a top coat to complete the lacy nail art.

Shimmering tips

Nail Art Designs

Things you need: 

  • The soak-off gel of any color
  • glitters
  • Brush 
  • Top coat

How to do it?

Apply a layer of non-color soak-off gel as the base, followed by any light color soak-off gel over the whole nail. Mix the glitter and a small portion of the soak-off gel and gently apply it over the tips. Let it dry and apply for the second layer. Embellish the art with the soak-off gel top coat.

Polka dots

Nail art design

Things you need:

  • White and black nail polish
  • A pencil

How to do it?

Apply black nail polish as the base. Dip the pencil into the white nail polish. Use it to make dots, and finally, paint the top coat.  

Pastel mismatch

Nail art design

Things you need:

  • Any two pastel nail polish 
  • A tape
  • Top coat

How to do it?

First, stick the tape diagonally. Apply the first pastel nail polish, and let it dry for a minute. Now stick the tape diagonally over the painted side. And paint the latter pastel color over the other side, and leave it for drying. Bring everything to a close by applying the top coat. 

A sleek swoop

Nail art design

Things you need:

  • Five different Pastel shades or rainbow hues. 
  • Polish brush
  • Acetone or any other alcohol. 

How to do it?

A base coat is optional, if desired, apply a pastel shade. Use the paintbrush to draw a curve at the tip of each finger. Gently rub it off with acetone and you are all ready to go to the party!

Basic floral

Things you need:

  • White nail polish
  • A thin nail brush 
  • Two contrasting nail polishes. 

How to do it?

Apply the white paint as the base, followed by drawing small flower designs using the nail brush. Paint with the other two contrasting colors to complete the floral designs. 

Diagonal periwinkle

Things you need:

  • Two nude nail polish
  • A periwinkle color paint

How to do it?

Paint the nails diagonally with one of the nude paints. Dry it off and paint the next color over the stripped areas using a striping brush. Lock the nail art with a top coat.

15 ITEMS A NAIL ART ADDICT NEEDS IN HER NAIL ART KIT – Nail Art Accessories – What is needed for nail art? 


Things you need:

  • Neon nail paints; usually green and yellow are used. 
  • Brush 
  • Glitter to add extra spice to the art
  • And soak-off gel if needed. 

How to do it? 

Apply the neon color juxtaposition to each other. And with the tip of the paintbrush, gently mix the two paints to create a wavy design. Let sprinkle glitters, and apply the tintless soak-off gel over the neon-painted nails. Let it dry for a few minutes. Lastly, dust it off using the brush. 


Things you need:

  • Acrylic paints or nail polish (namely, yellow, white, brown, and light orange)
  • Top coat
  • Paintbrush

How to do it?

Paint the base using a pastel color, say baby pink. Use a paintbrush and white acrylic paint or nail polish to create polka dots. Followed by brown paint to create the centers and light oranges for the petals of the sunflowers. Apply acrylic yellow in the empathy spaces between the brown and orange to make it look just like a sunflower. Polish it off with the top coat.  


Things you need:

  • White nail polish
  • Any two nail polishes
  • A sponge
  • Q-tip

How to do it?

Apply the white nail polish as the base as usual. Paint the two nail polish colors on the makeup sponge in a three-row pattern. Brush the sponge over the nails and let it dry. Afterward, apply a clear top coat over the gradient. Clean out the excess paint on the nails using Q-tips.  

Chevron nail art

Nail art design

Things you need: 

  • Any three different color nail polishes (say black, red, and white). 
  • A tape

How to do it? 

Use black as a base, and make use of the tape in such a way that it creates a chevron stencil design. Now paint the red color over. Let it dry for a minute. Tape near the cuticle, and paint the area white. Leave it for a minute before removing the tape and coating. 


Things you need:

  • Black nail polish
  • Metallic nail polish (namely green, blue, and pink, as they give the effect of galaxy-like art)
  • Makeup sponge
  • Glitter top coat

How to do it?

Apply black polish as the base, and dab metallic green using the makeup sponge. And followed by a dabbing of pink and blue paint. Use glitter top coat to give the final touch.


Things you need:

  • A toothpick
  • Whit nail polish
  • Red nail polish 
  • Clear nail polish

How to do it?

Apply the white nail polish as the base. With the toothpicks and red nail polish, draw small hearts on the nails. Draw it in such a way, that multiple hearts on the base and fewer on the tips. Let it dry and finish up with coating clear nail polish. 


Things you need:

  • Light and dark shades of purple nail polish (if possible get one more shade of purple)
  • A plastic wrap
  • Top coat

How to do it? 

Base coat the nails with one shade of purple, followed by one coat of light purple. Allow it to dry. Now apply the other two shades of purple, thus dark shades. Layer the top coat and create random dots using a dark shade of purple. Place the plastic wrap over it again and again until you get a marble-effect art. 


Things you need:

  • Rainbow shades of polish (Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red)
  • A bowl
  • Water
  • A paint brush 

How to do it?

With water on the bowl, drop the colors in the water carefully. Use the tip of the brush to blend the colors. Now dip your fingers gently into the rainbow pattern on the water. Lift and allow it to dry for a few minutes. Remove the excess applique. 


Things you need:

  • Pink/red nail polish
  • Black nail polish
  • Green nail polish
  • White nail polish
  • Paintbrush
  • Top coat

How to do it?

Paint the base with pink nail polish. Followed by painting the green nail polish over the borders with a paintbrush. Paint white between the green and pink, to create a watermelon-like shape. Paint the black as seeds. Finish this cute nail design with a top coat. 


Nail art design

Things you need:

  • Any pastel nail polish (let’s say blue)
  • Dark blue nail polish (trust me the contrast will always work!)
  • A tape

How to do it?

Apply the pastel nail polish as the base. Let it dry for a minute. Cut the tape into small stripes and stick them to the fingers. And paint the latter color over the unstuck areas. Leave it to dry and later carefully remove the stripe-shaped tapes. Finish up the art with the top coat. 


As you can see, extravagant nail arts have become an essential part of many women’s lives. Especially after the influence that social media platforms had on it, it has grown even more well-known. Starting from Jennifer Lopez to Dua Lipa, Lizzo, and yes, our very own Harry styles have inspired hundreds of nail art designs to try on. Coming up with new, DIY, and affordable nail designs with no time eventually nail art designs have enticed a large group of fashionistas. As such, women have taken this art as a vision to symbolize their personality or creativity. Well, in one way or another, nail artists are just like tattoo lovers. They are just expressing themselves through their art! 

15 ITEMS A NAIL ART ADDICT NEEDS IN HER NAIL ART KIT – Nail Art Accessories – What is needed for nail art?

If we talk about nail art, a nail art kit would be an essential item. Nail Art has a different kind of aura. With a nail art kit, you can experiment in whatever way you want, create anything you want on those little spaces, and have your kind of fun. And it’s really surprising to see the magic in those artist’s hands. You wouldn’t even realize and they would be producing something new from the scratch. It is crazy. And it’s sad that everyone cannot afford time and money for the nail art parlours now and then and feel like missing out on the fun.

But don’t worry, we have come with a list of items that every nail art freak should possess. Many of them might be already owning, but still consider it as a checklist.


It might crazy, dumb and funny at the same time, but c’mon, the most important thing that you will be needing is a nail cutter. We already possess one but do you know that there various types with which you can shape your nails in various ways. There are Guillotine cutters, Nipper cutters, electric nail clippers, etc. Also, the nail cutter set comes with grooming kits as well, which will also help with cleaning the dirt from the corners.

 nail art kit_Derje

NAIL FILE – Nail Art Accessories

Usually, after trimming the nails with the nail cutter, they end up with rough and sharp edges and it is very important to smoothen the edges to avoid unnecessary harm. It also shapes the nails and makes them look cleaner.

 nail art kit_Derje

TWEEZERS – Nail Art Accessories

It is humanly impossible to put small items like stones and glitters with fingers. That’s when the tweezers come to the rescue. They help us carefully put the tiny stuff on our nails, without causing us any frustrations. All Hail Tweezers !! Always go for the thin pointed tweezers for nail art purposes. Dip the points in glue and pick up the stones or glitters or whatever tiny items you want to put on your nails.

Nail art accessories_Derje


How can you start something new if you don’t remove the past? Philosophical enough? Just like that, how can you put on your new art if you don’t remove the previous one.

Nail art accessories_Derje


With the constant removing and applying nail polishes, the nails are likely to lose their shine, moisture and becomes rough and dry, and might lead to loss of the nail enamel. The nail repair oil restores the moisture and protects the nails and the cuticles. Apply it after removing any polish or before applying any.

Manicure kit_Derje


The neon color has already taken over the hearts of every fashion freaks out there. The neon nail polishes are quirky and one can go crazy with colors like green, pink, orange, etc. Don’t bother what people say, adore your nails with neon and match up with your outfits.

 nail art kit_Derje


Why should metallic be only restricted to music? Metallic nail polishes add boldness and shine at the same time. Flaunt your nails at the party or maybe any rock concert. And the girls who do not like the “girlish” colors, this shade is absolutely for you, and one can find it in a variety of shades.

Nail Art Accessories_Derje


Matte nail polishes will never go out of style and so should be available in every nail art freak’s nail kit. Period.

Nail Accessories_Derje


When your personality is so shiny, why shouldn’t be your nail polish? You can’t help but adore those glitters.

 nail art kit_Derje


Transparent nail polishes will always be your best friend when your mood is down and you don’t want to glam up your nails. It might not add colour but in the end, it’s still a nail polish right? Also, you can apply transparent nail polish as a final coat on your already decked up nails.

Nail art set_Derje

FINGER REST – Nail Accessories

Finger rest for every nail art addict. A finger rest helps with the application of the nail art designs and polishes properly, with stability, and reduces the chances of mess. It tells you to concentrate on one nail at a time.

 nail art kit_Derje

DOTTING TOOLS – Nail Accessories

A dotting tool is one of the nail art tools and acts like pens for creating designs on your nails and it also resembles a pen with a ball at the end. Different diameters help to create simple art for complex designs.

Nail art set_Derje

NAIL ART STICKERS – Nail Art Accessories

Nail art stickers are cheap and are available in various designs. These are beneficial for those who are not very good with designing and also is a quick way for last-minute art. Peel off the stickers and simply stick them on the nails.

 nail art kit_Derje

NAIL ART BRUSHES – Nail Accessories

What’s an art without art brushes?

 nail art kit_Derje


Do you want cute designs on your nails in the simplest way possible? As the name suggests, stencils help us to get designs in a few minutes in an easy way. Place the stencil over your nails and apply the nail polish and carefully remove the stencil after the polish has dried off a little. It makes the nail art kit a bit very versatile.

Nail art set_Derje

Voila, your nail art kit is ready. You can do any kind of nail art at home. I hope this list has been a help to all the nail addicts and a checklist as well as a bucket list for the same. Now that you are ready with everything, start your creativity.

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Nail Art Trends In 2020

Till now, the year 2020 had been a hell of a ride. The whole world scenario changed within a few months and came to a halt. Never have we thought that we would be saving the world by staying at home. It feels like the Almighty might have heard our desire for holidays and here we are. But on the brighter side, the world is rejuvenating; birds are chirruping, the sky had never been this blue, pollution has reduced, the animals are at last coming out of their shelter.

But we still got to have our part of the fun, right? Of course, keeping social distancing in mind. And lockdown couldn’t be a more perfect time for the nail art freaks to try out the latest style. So, we filtered out a few nail art ideas which had been in trend since the beginning of the year.

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We couldn’t help but notice this beauty in action. Every nail art freaks had been trying this shade on their nails and have been round in hashtags as well. It is either in patterns or solid colors.

Nail Art Designs_Derje


People had been going gaga for this red love. Valentine’s Day may be long gone but not the trend. Everyone is trying their creative hands on this nail art theme, either finding them in red, pink, or in cute little hearts. It is good for simple nail art for short nails.

Nail Art Designs_Derje


Other than the corona, this chromatic shade had been in circulation in 2020. Jokes apart, this shade is chic and lit and endows the nail with some kind of glamour. This is not one of those nail color trends to be easily forgotten.

Nail Art Designs_Derje


Unfortunately, we couldn’t enjoy the tropics this year. But worry not, we still managed to put down the fun on our nails. Don’t they ensure the most beautiful nails?

Nail Art Designs 2020_Derje


This lockdown has been beneficial for the families, bonding over board games, food, television shows, and of course old memories. We couldn’t help but feel nostalgic, wanting to bring back to those golden days. We couldn’t do it in real life maybe, but why not through nails. So searching for nail arts for short nails? Try this.

Nail Art Designs 2020_Derje


How can you not fall in love with this pretty little thing? It would work well for long nail designs as well and one of the best nail art trends.

Nail Art Designs 2020_Derje


Neon shade with a touch of print! Who would want to go for plain nail polish colors anymore?

Nail Designs_Derje

So, if you are a nail art addict these few trending picks of 2020 will keep you busy. We are all going through tough times, but a little distraction can be helpful for our minds. Keeping us busy with our favorite hobbies, such as doing nail designs, will make our soul happy and we can look towards a hopeful future.

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Q. What are the popular nail colors for 2020?

While moody winter hues like navy, plum, and chocolate have been popular lately at L.A. favorite Olive & June, founder Sarah Gibson Tuttle says the brand’s cherry red CV polish has been consistently the most requested shade (and also a best-seller on the brand’s site).

Q. What is the most flattering nail color?

  • Peachy-Pink. All you ladies with medium to olive skin tones, peachy-pink tones will look especially flattering on your skin.
  • Burgundy. A good burgundy nail polish is a magical color for fall or winter.
  • Blue. Shades of blue look incredible on olive and medium skin tones.

Q. What color nails do guys like best?

In fact, men pay close attention to how well cared for our hands are. Most types really like naturalness. Nails in nude, cream and beige shades are very popular with men. If you also wear the nails naturally, short and slightly rounded, you will hit the bull’s eye.