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10 Perfect Eye Makeup Tips that Need You To Slay – How to get attractive eyes? Eye Makeup Ideas


Eyes are one of the most beautiful assets in humans and following our secret eye makeup tips is the weapon that will give you an attractive look. For eye makeup, you need a simple eyeliner, a dash of mascara to a whole lot of ingredients like an eye-primer, falsies aka false lashes, cut-crease eye-shadows, glitter, and a whole lot of drama. Eye-makeup has its techniques and one can get better with a course of time, precision, and techniques. Now, everyone has different eye shape and their own techniques, some of the basic steps do remain the same. To create some mesmerizing and glamorous looks, we need some eye makeup tips to slay.

So, here we are with some all level friendly and useful tips for that perfect and sparkling eye-makeup:-

Clean Your Face 

Eye Makeup For Small Eyes_Derje
Eye Makeup Tips

It doesn’t matter if you have washed your face earlier or not, it’s important to start with a clean face. Your skin comes in interaction with dust, bacteria, etc. the whole day. Cleansing your face helps you in the removal of dust and oil and get a fresh look. After cleansing, dry your face with a soft towel. Then follow with your normal skin-care routine, as this allows the makeup on all areas to stay longer and look fresh. Apply an eye-cream or eye-gel to achieve a perfect eye-makeup look.

Apply The Base

Eye Makeup For Small Eyes_Derje
Eye Makeup Tips – Eye Makeup For Small Eyes

Primer helps you get a smooth surface for the eye makeup and it stays the whole day. It’s a must step for those who have oily skin. Apply primer on your eyelids before the eyeshadow. It will help your makeup look more polished.

Get a primer based on your needs and concerns. The market has a wide variety of primers on different price ranges and for different concerns.

Apply Concealer Under Your Eyes

Eye Makeup For Small Eyes_Derje
Eye Makeup Tips – Eye Makeup For Small Eyes

Sleep deprivation, stress, hormonal imbalance, and many other reasons can cause dark circles under your eyes. Concealer helps you to hide your dark circles. But, the most difficult decision is to choose the right concealer that matches your skin tone. Now, apply the concealer under your eyes to cover your blemishes. It makes the eye shadow look noticeable.

TIP- Get a concealer that contains moisturizer.

How to get beautiful eyes naturally

Select The Eye Shadow

Eye Beauty Tips_Derje
Eye Makeup Tips – beauty tips for eyes

After applying the base, now it’s time to choose the eyeshadow, based on the availability, select between the matte and shimmer eye shadow. I will suggest getting a palette with both matte and shimmer shades. If you are a beginner then you should go for matte shade as it’s easy to put on eyelids than the shimmery ones. Selection depends on the outfit you are wearing the skin tone or your preference.

Apply The Base Shades

Eye Beauty Tips_Derje
Eye Makeup Tips – beauty tips for eyes

Now, as you have selected the eyeshadow. Start applying the base shade of the look to the left and right corners of the eyelids. Use the flat brush to apply the shade. Base shade differed from look to look, as for a nude eye-look, it will be a light brown shade, for a smoky eye, the light black shade will do the job. So, make sure you have the perfect base shade for your look.

Apply The Darker Shade To The Crease

Eye Beauty Tips_Derje
Eye Makeup Tips – How to get attractive eyes?

After applying to the corners, now brush the darker shade to the crease. This will make your eyes look much bigger and add depth and dimension to the look. Use a fluffy brush to apply darker shades.

Apply The Light Shade To The Center

How To Get Beautiful Eyes Naturally_Derje
Eye Makeup Tips – Eye Makeup for Big Eyes

By adding shimmer shade to the center of the eyelid, you can get a pop to the innermost corner of the eye. You can highlight your eye by using these shimmer shades to make your eyes look bright.

Blend All The Shades

How To Get Beautiful Eyes Naturally_Derje
Eye Makeup Tips – How to get attractive eyes?

Blend the colors to make the eyes look much smoother. Blend it in a way that light and darker shades will make your eye look bigger. Don’t use a thick brush for blending, use a soft brush, and blend it with a soft hand. Blending is the key to achieving that perfect eye-look, that slays.

How to get attractive eyes?

Apply Eyeliner 

How To Get Beautiful Eyes Naturally_Derje
Eye Makeup for big eyes

Apply the eyeliner to the waterline or the top of the eyelid. Pencil liners and gel liners are easy to apply than the liquid ones. Start with a line above your lashes. Don’t start with thick lining, go with small strokes. Try to keep both the eyes symmetrical. If you want, you can wing it out too and do not stretch your eyelid while doing it.

Wow, some have beautiful eyes, easy eyes that speak volumes.

Fill The Brows

How To Get Attractive Eyes_Derje
How to get beautiful eyes naturally? Eye beauty tips.

Once you’ve finished with the liner part, now its time to do your brows. Choose a shade from black and brown that match the best with your brow shade. Now, brush your brows with the brush and then fill them with the color chosen. Use small strokes to blend it with your eyebrows.

TIP – Apply white liner under your brow bone to highlight your brows. 

Eye beauty tips. How to get beautiful eyes naturally?

So, now you can see these eye beauty tips for perfect eye makeup for small eyes. They are also for big eyes and quick to learn through practice, you can excel on this. So go, pick your brushes and get a stunning look.

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Q. What is eye makeup called?

Eye shadow is a cosmetic that is applied on the eyelids and under the eyes. It is commonly used to make the wearer’s eyes stand out or look more attractive. Eye shadow can add depth and dimension to one’s eyes, complement one’s eye color, make one’s eyes appear larger, or simply draw attention to the eyes.

Q. Is it OK to wear eyeshadow without eyeliner?

Makeup looks fresh and clean with no liner and in general, it looks like you are wearing less makeup. The look can work really well for brides, too. Without a liner, you still need something to frame your eyes and eyeshadow.

Q. Should an older woman wear mascara on bottom lashes?

Don’t wear mascara on your lower lashes. Playing up your lower lashes can make your eyes look droopy and draw attention to dark circles. It makes the eyes look older and accentuates the under-eye wrinkles. You want to define the eyes with softness and blending, not create a strict line.


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