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Look Good, Feel Great: Transforming Your Appearance for a Better You (Men’s Guide)

How To Improve Your Looks As a Man_derje

In today’s world, people need to be attractive. It doesn’t do anyone any good to pretend that looks don’t matter. Looks matter a lot, and not just in social circumstances. Even in a professional environment where everything should be based on merit, looks carry weight.

It is proven that people who are more attractive tend to get more promotions, more success in their work, and so on.  Not to mention the amount of confidence that comes with knowing that one looks good. Fortunately, it is not all genetics and pre-determined. There are a lot of things that can be changed and it’s better to focus on them instead of worrying about the things that you can’t change.


Body Fat

An Example - A visible Difference can be Seen From Fat to Fit Journey of Arjun Kapoor_derje
An Example – A visible Difference can be Seen In Fat to Fit Journey of Arjun Kapoor

This is going to create the biggest improvement in someone’s attractiveness. Being leaner is just simply more attractive than being obese, or even being skinny. When you’re obese your body doesn’t look attractive with all the flabby weight, and even more importantly your facial structure is hidden by the fat on your face and your entire body just looks round.

Even being too skinny is not a good thing. Yes, your facial muscles and bones would be visible, especially the jawline, but if you are too skinny you can look weak and malnourished. You want to be in the sweet spot of about 10-12% body fat (which Is around where your abs would be visible). But the best thing would be to be toned or lean muscular, which is point number 2.

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Muscle Mass

How to Improve Your Looks as a Man Easily Muscle Mass Example_derje
An Example – Well-Toned Man

This is what will increase your physical attractiveness a lot and differentiate you from everybody else. A muscular physique would give you a lot of confidence, pride and will look really good.  A V-taper, which means a V-shape from your shoulders to waist makes a man look strong and attractive. Your shoulders should be about 1.6 times as wide as your waist.

This would even give a person more attraction to women, as proven by sexual behavioral studies. To optimize this further, there are 6 muscle groups that you can focus on to really get an aesthetic physique. These are your lateral delts (middle of the shoulder), neck, upper chest, abs, traps (the muscle between the shoulders, back, and neck), and lats (V-shaped muscles part of your back).

A big muscular physique symbolizes hard work, strength, and good genetics. However, one can always settle for more or less depending upon personal strength and personal efforts.


An Example - Before vs After Haircut Results_derje
An Example – Before vs After Haircut Results

Freshly cut hair looks way better than unkept messy hair on most people. You should get a haircut once about every 2-3 weeks to keep that fresh look. You can try haircuts that you like and experiment with them. Asking your barber is also a good option to find out what works for you.

There are too many head shapes and sizes to discuss what haircut would look good on everyone, but, in general, if you have no idea what to get, it would be a safe bet to get an undercut, which looks pretty good on most people.

As for beards, if you don’t get a full beard, there is no point in keeping uneven hair as your beard. Going clean-shaven would work better for 99% of people if they can’t grow a proper beard.


How To Improve Your Looks as a Man Easily - Clothes_derje
How To Improve Your Looks as a Man Easily – Clothes

Clothes should be a reflection of your personality. You should rock whatever you feel yourself the most in and whatever you are the most confident in. If you have built a muscular body, you could wear tight-fitted gym clothes.

If you are skinny, you could go with oversized baggy clothes. If you are overweight, wear clothes with a shape that skims the visible fat on your body.  At the very least wear washed and ironed clothes, this would make you look fresh and would do the job.

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How to improve your looks as a man easily accessories example_derje
An Example – The Simple Addition of Accessories (here belt) can actually improve the look.

This is definitely not a priority, but it can add a lot of character to your appearance. It could be anything you wear. So, stuff like watches, shoes, caps, belts, ties, etc. This can definitely be played around with to find what suits you the best and whatever you like wearing personally.


How To Improve Your Looks as a Man Easily Jewelry Example_derje
An Example – The Simple Addition of a Ring and a Watch are Giving a Captivating Look

Though a part of accessories, this category is big enough on its own. Generally, any simple jewelry can look good, it does not need to be overly expensive. There are many options like rings, bracelets, necklaces, cufflinks, etc.

If you have no idea where to start, generally gold looks better on black and brown skin and silver looks better on white and fairer skin. This is definitely not a 100% right on the mark always, but it’s something to consider.

It’s easy to go overboard with jewelry and accessories, so be sure to keep it simple and clean.

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Right vs Wrong Posture - How to improve your looks as a man_derje
Right vs Wrong Posture

Body posture is highly underrated when it comes to looks. Almost no one maintains it correctly.  Stand up tall with a straight back, shoulders, and chest broad. People can increase their height just by literally standing up straight.

Avoid keeping your hands in your pockets, or cross your arms while standing. People perceive this as unapproachable and defensive psychologically. Take wide steps and look people in the eyes while talking to them. Confidence is the single most important trait to be more attractive.


Most of our looks are not in our hands. A lot of it is genetic like your ethnicity, eye, and hair color, facial bones, body structure, etc. But this is not the end of the world, there are a lot of things that you can do to improve your looks. Hope this guide was of some help to you.

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