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Top 10 Luxury Makeup Brands In India You Must Try!

luxury makeup brands in India_derje

The Indian cosmetic industry has recently gained a hike with the popular demand of a few luxury makeup brands in India. The makeup industry has now become more of a professional world. In a world full of Instagram influencers, both men and women are investing in high-end makeups to get the best out of them. If you are a makeup lover, indeed you would love to keep your knowledge about these brands pretty often. Even if you don’t, this article might give you a wide insight into the luxury makeup brands in India!

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Luxury Beauty Brands In India

Everyone is crazy about how M.A.C has one of the best products and most of them are lavishly available in our country. With a professional touch, M.A.C has been categorized in the list of popular and luxury makeup brands in India. M.A.C generally aims at the population who has the focus entirely on the quality of the product and not the price range.

Although M.A.C was initially introduced as the company to produce makeup for makeup artists and models. Eventually, they had streamed down to the niche market and is now consumed by a vast population all around the globe.


Luxury Beauty Brands In India

Started as the company introduced by a young adult, Tony Ko, who later reshaped her small business into one of the most luxurious makeup brands in India and other countries. It is now ranging among the top cosmetic brands in India, which is used by common people as well as popular celebrities as well.

As an interesting fact, it would be unfair if the origin of the name is not been added here. NYX had been derived from the name of Greek Goddess Nyx, who is the Goddess of night.

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Luxury Beauty Brands In India

Unlike the already rooted popular luxury brands in India, Colorbar is quite new in the Indian cosmetic industry. However, it did not take much time to make an impact on teens as well as young adults. They have a wide range of cosmetics for skin, nail, hair and face.

They have been recognized with awards like Femina Beauty Award and also Retailer of the Year Award, in the year 2017 for their outstanding products.


Luxury Beauty Brands In India

Very much popular especially among the women section of India because of their employment opportunity. Besides that, they also produce numerous beauty, skincare and other wellness products. For the penetration pricing strategy, it has gained popularity within no time after it had made its space as one of the luxury makeup brands in India.


Top Cosmetics Brands In India

When beauty is being focused from within, people seek products that have clinical recommendations. Clinique is one of the luxury makeup brands in India which provides the facility to consult your dermatologist before you select your product. It has products that high-end target audience, but comes with results that are dermatological-recommended.


Top Cosmetics Brands In India

One of the important milestones in the makeup industry all over the world, Revlon has made its introduction back in the year 1932. The USP of Revlon is that it claims to be cruelty-free as not even a single product from their company has been tested on any animals. This company had a great impact when other luxury beauty brands were only at their initial stages.

However, because of the increasing competitors, this company is no more the ruling luxury makeup brands in India. But they still hold value in their product quality, which has not been compromised for ages.

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The Balm Cosmetics

Top Cosmetics Brands In India

Another one in the list of luxury makeup brands in India, The Balm Cosmetics is also known for being cruelty-free and also comes with no paraben in their product. This ensures that the product quality is no doubt is something to rely on. The most popular products are bronzers, contours, highlighters, and blush powders. These are also available as top makeup brands in India.


Top Makeup Brands In India

P.A.C cosmetics has recently gained popularity with a lot of influencers that are using it for their makeup purposes. One can find the unique product ranges that they have is different from most of the luxury makeup brands in India. Besides, they claim not to infuse any heavy metal in their product as well as is cruelty-free too.

The Body Soap

Top Makeup Brands In India

The Body Soap has a different shade all together in the Indian cosmetic industry. One can feel the difference in overall packaging as well as the product that they consume. They claim to have nature infused in all of their produce. Apart from makeups, they also sell toiletries which have a really nice review received from all around the world.

Manish Malhotra

Top Makeup Brands In India

Popular fashion designer Manish Malhotra has recently launched their makeup products which have already received honours and recognition from all around the world. Within no time, this has become one of the luxury makeup brands in India with Indian origin. They also claim to produce cruelty-free technique of testing their makeups.

All these luxury makeup brands in India are popular as well as trusted ones. One can use various product from all these brands and can hand on their on experience. It is because not every product might suit everyone. But Indian makeup industry is on its verge of steep growth, which will bring in more competitors in near future.


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