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Top Restaurants of the World | Unbelievably good!

Nothing brings people together like food. And when the food is good, the ambience perfect, it surely is a recipe for a great time. Whenever you are travelling, the first thing you check is to make sure the place has good restaurants, it is a standard used to know the aesthetic of the location. It’s a must to try out the famous local dishes of whichever city or country you travel to. With the tourism industry booming post the pandemic, thousands of restaurants have emerged across the globe, so here is a list of some of the top restaurants in the world.

Geranium, Copenhagen, Denmark

Restaurant Geranium was started in 2007 by the Danish chef Rasmus Kofoed and Soren Ledet. Located on the eighth floor in Fælledparken, it is one of the first Nordic restaurants to have received three Michelin stars. In 2022, it was also awarded the World’s Best Restaurant tag by the World’s 50 Best Restaurants. If you are planning on visiting this restaurant, then the line is long. Three months long to be exact, so you must plan in advance. A meal at this restaurant would cost around $322.

Chef Rasmus Kofoed believes the restaurant is an extension of himself, and hence, has made it a meat-free realm. They highlight local seafood, and vegetables that are native to Scandinavia creating an authentic Nordic menu. ‘Spring Universe’ comprises smoked lumpfish roe with milk, forest mushrooms, kale and apple. Each dish ensures that it is an art of nature. Ledet, who is in charge of wine, also the General Manager of the restaurant makes you feel at home with a warm welcome. The excellence of this place does not limit to food as it provides fantastic beverage options. With their motto, “Thoughtfulness can be tasted”, they truly turn your visit into an experience.

Central, Lima, Peru

Central Restaurante was opened in 2008 by Peruvian Chef Virgilio Martínez and his wife, Chef Pía León. It holds the award for the best restaurant in Latin America, and the second best in the world. The Michelin three-starred restaurant is located in the Miraflores district in Lima. Chef Virgilio was featured in the Season 3 of Netflix’s Chef’s Table. Bookings must be done at least three months in advance. A meal here would likely cost about $257.

The menu has been created to showcase the three regions of the country, the Pacific Ocean, the Andes mountains, and the Amazon rainforest. The restaurant strives to reflect the unique biodiversity of Peru. The moment you walk into the restaurant, it is like taking a tour of the country. Chef Virgilio Martínez has designed the menu Mater Elevations with dishes rich in indigenous ingredients with scallops, squid and clams sourced from Amazonian Rainforest, pork and goat belly from Sacred Valley. Apart from the exotic dishes, the restaurant is also famous for its unique presentation with the food being brought to you on porous coral, solid rocks, and customized plates. With everything curated exceptionally, it does not fall behind on hospitality either as you can clearly witness the passion of various chefs and servers upon your visit. All in all, if you happen to be in Lima then you should definitely try this culturally diverse restaurant and experience its greatness.

Disfrutar, Barcelona, Spain

Restaurant Disfrutar, the word meaning to enjoy was opened in the December of 2014 by Chefs Oriol Castro, Mateu Casañas and Eduard Xatruch who were all previously working at the legendary El Bulli and later opened their present venture. Located in the football-driven city of Barcelona, opposite the famous Ninot market this restaurant attracts diners from all over the world. It has acquired two Michelin stars and is ranked as the third best restaurant in the world. A tasting menu per person costs around $185.

When the three chefs came to the decision of opening a restaurant together they wanted it to be a friendly atmosphere, a more laidback and informal space. The menu serves, as disclosed by the customers, a playful and sensual cuisine, with the chefs constantly surprising their diners. The elegant style and design which mainly includes ceramic emphasise the history and heritage of the country. The dishes panchino with caviar and sour cream, and pesto with tender pistachios are vibrant and colourful with rich Mediterranean flavours and unpredictable ingredients. It also has a wide range of drinks with alcoholic and non-alcoholic options to best suit its patron’s preferences. The waiting staff is warm and welcoming, coming across as eager to help. The restaurant holds true to its meaning, making sure you enjoy your time there.

Pujol, Mexico City, Mexico

Restaurant Pujol was founded in 2000 by Chef Enrique Olvera with the intention of displaying Mexican gastronomy, from its technique and spices to the country’s history. Located in a leafy neighbourhood of the city, it is ranked as the number one restaurant to visit in Mexico by the Wall Street Journal. It is also constantly featured in the top restaurants of Latin America and the top five in the world. A meal per person would cost around $100.

It provides a seven-course menu where the dishes change seasonally but their signature Mole Madre, and Mole Nuevo which are two concentric rings of the traditional Mexican cuisine that are as old as 2,500 years, are a constant. Some of the other features include ceviche with palm hearts, and baby corn with chicatana ant mayo. When in Mexico you cannot miss their world-famous tacos, the restaurant has a Taco bar which serves a wide range of tacos with unique combinations of the Mexican classic. If you are on an adventure in Mexico City then you should definitely experience this Mexican marvel.


Food is one such thing that unites nations and drives away hatred. It demolishes the borders of animosity built between humans. It not only feeds the body but the soul as well. So when you embark upon the journey of exploring the world, it’s a necessity to discover the various cuisines the countries all over the globe have to offer. With hundreds of lists of restaurants to go through, hopefully, this helps you find that perfect restaurant which not only offers great food but also an exquisite experience which will fondly be looked back upon even after ages.  

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