The 5 Best Ways to Wear Crystal Makeup

Crystal makeup has become increasingly popular in recent years, as many people are drawn to the beauty and elegance of these ornate cosmetics. It can seem like crystal makeup is simple to use, but it can take some practice before you master the techniques needed to make your crystal makeup look its best. This article will teach you everything you need to know about wearing crystal makeup.

5 Best Ways to Wear Crystal Makeup

Here are some ways to get crystal Makeup.

1. On your face as a subtle highlight

This is a basic way to wear crystal makeup. You can either just apply it where the sun hits your face, or you can use a soft powder brush and sweep it in a subtle, circular motion on your cheekbones. This is also an excellent look for when you don’t want people paying attention to how you are wearing makeup but still want it to be noticeable and pretty. And because this is so low-key, it’s perfect for throwing on before work in the morning. The easiest way I’ve found to do this is with Pixi’s Brilliant Cream Eyeshadow in Silvered Lilac.

2. In Jewellery pieces

Jewellery pieces with crystals are an easy way to take your look from day to cold night. Simply add a necklace, ring, or earrings for an easy way of accessorizing. But the best crystal jewellery is unique and one-of-a-kind, which is why it can be tricky. Luckily, there are some helpful tips for adding crystals in the best way possible! 

The first tip is to make sure that they’re not too big because they could overpower your features. Secondly, use hues like peach or yellow undertones because they’ll make the colour pop even more. Thirdly, you should wear them only if you have any pink undertones on your skin; otherwise, they will clash horribly. Lastly, don’t wear two tones next to each other unless you know how contrast works (that goes for clothes too).

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3. As statement rings or bracelets

Try layering! If you want to give your eyes a pop of color but don’t feel like wearing anything on your face, reach for a crystal jewellery piece to layer over your outfit. It’s subtle, sparkly and looks especially nice when worn with black or navy. 

Layer one piece with another. Not sure what to wear? Try stacking a statement ring on top of an arm party – they make great mix-and-match pieces that can be worn separately or together. Just remember stack from the smallest to the largest size so that you maintain balance. You can also try matching bracelets with rings to create two matching sets!

4. Inside a cocktail ring

crystal makeup

Crystal makeup can be worn in a variety of ways, but one of the most fun ways is with a cocktail ring. These rings make an excellent accessory for festivals and summer parties because they catch the light and create a stunning glow, regardless of your skin tone. Plus, if you get sick of the outfit you are wearing at any point, you can always remove it for something new! The best ways to wear crystal makeup are below: 

  • Stack three small cocktail rings together on your thumb and index finger. Invert them so that the crystals hang off your fingers like earrings. Adjust them so that they hang down evenly (one over each knuckle).
  • Slip both thumbs through two cocktail rings stacked together on each hand. Let them dangle over your fingers and adjust them until they’re evenly spaced across both hands. 
  • Add some bling to your collar by slipping a large cocktail ring onto a necklace chain or just around your neck (or under) like a choker.

5. In earrings

crystal makeup

If you wear dangling earrings, know that your ears may start feeling heavy after a while. To avoid this, use the long dangling earrings with shorter ones on the other side of your face. It balances out the weight and makes it easier for you to wear them all day without discomfort. 

Make sure they are made of light material, so they don’t feel heavy in your ears. The best type of material is wire because it’s flexible and lightweight as well as easy to shape into different shapes. You can also attach different chains or cords onto each earring which will give them some more weight, so they hang better around your neck but still be comfortable in your ears because they are attached together at the top.


Apply your makeup as you would normally. Instead of using a matte powder, use a loose pigment or finishing powder on top for more glow and less coverage. Add glittery touches in the evening but leave sparkles elsewhere; this will give you depth and dimension without looking like you rolled in fairy dust! Lightly dust a highlighter over your eyelids and cheekbones with some brushstrokes to create an ethereal look. Use darker eye shadow colours with iridescent tones that shine brilliantly under artificial light!

What is Mineral Makeup, And How to Do It?

Mineral makeup has some benefits and limitations over standard makeup, so it’s important to know the differences before deciding whether you want to use it. Check out this guide on mineral makeup, how to do it, and everything else you need to know!

What is Mineral Makeup?

Materials taken from our priceless Earth are used to manufacture mineral cosmetics. Minerals like iron and zinc oxides, pulverized into tiny, glittering particles for our skin’s usage, make up most of the contents. Minerals have been used for self-adornment and self-decoration from the beginning of time.

Mineral makeup feels light on the skin, won’t clog pores, and lets your skin breathe. It’s excellent for sensitive skin, acne-prone skin, rosacea-prone skin, dry patches of skin, or mature, dry skin. Minerals can also be an option for people with melasma or hyperpigmentation issues. Powder foundation comes in various colours to suit your needs, with colours that can be matched to liquid foundation colours.

How to Do Mineral Makeup

Mineral Makeup

  • It all starts with a clean and moisturized face, free of any form of makeup or other skin products. 
  • Brush on a small amount of powder in the colour that matches your skin tone. 
  • For example, someone with light, pinkish skin tones would use the shade, Tan. 
  • Carefully brush over the bridge of your nose. Brush under your cheekbones as well. 
  • Use the edge of the brush to cover the jawline. 
  • Lastly, add some blush to your cheeks using either an orange-toned powder for those with cool skin tones or a pink-toned one for those with warm skin tones. 

Finish off by brushing on some black eyeliner on top of your upper lash line and mascara onto both sets of lashes. Curl your lashes and apply two coats of waterproof black mascara. For full lips, apply deep red lipstick with a more matte than shiny finish. Apply a coat of clear lip gloss to keep the colour from fading throughout the day.

 Benefits of Mineral Makeup

Mineral Makeup

You know that store-bought makeup can often irritate you if you have sensitive skin. This irritation can often result in redness, rashes, breakouts, and general discomfort. If this sounds like you, mineral makeup may be one of the best solutions for sensitive skin. 

Mineral makeup uses pure minerals in their ground form as ingredients rather than using artificial chemicals that could irritate your skin. The purity of these ingredients means they’re gentle on sensitive skin. 

Furthermore, because the powders are applied without water, there’s no need to worry about acne triggers in water droplets from wet hands. The risk for allergic reactions still exists, so ensure you test before use and talk with a doctor if necessary!

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Ingredients Used in Organic Cosmetics


The single most important thing about organic cosmetics is that they do not contain synthetic chemicals, petroleum products, colours or fragrances. Ingredients used in organic cosmetics are also free of harsh ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulphate, triclosan, propylene glycol and parabens. Organic cosmetic products often use ingredients like Aloe Vera and chamomile, which have healing properties.

Disadvantages of Organic Cosmetics

Mineral Makeup

Organic cosmetics may sound appealing, but they also have disadvantages. Most cosmetic lines are a mix of organic ingredients and others that are not, so while your products might not contain harsh chemicals, they could still contain things you don’t want. Furthermore, the FDA has not set a standard for what can be called organic makeup. Products with the words natural or organic on the label are unregulated; therefore, there’s no way to know if you’re getting what you think you’re getting.

Organic Cosmetics vs Regular Cosmetics

Mineral Makeup

On the other hand, organic cosmetics use ingredients that are both safe for humans and environmentally friendly. Some examples of these products include botanical extracts, antioxidants, or raw materials such as beeswax or shea butter. The most common chemical in regular cosmetics (and what most people are concerned about) is Parabens. It’s found in various personal care products like soaps, sunscreens, deodorants and makeup.

Myths about Organic Cosmetics

Mineral Makeup

  • For a product to be organic, the ingredients must come from 100% organic sources.
  • No synthetic fragrances or other non-organic substances can be in an organic product.
  • Organic products are always natural looking and have a natural feeling. 
  • Organic products are always healthier than non-organic ones. 
  • Organic products don’t have toxic chemicals, so they’re better for your skin. 
  • A lot of people worry about whether their cosmetics contain lead. Lead used to be found in some mineral makeup formulas, but all major mineral makeup brands (including Jane Iredale) are free of lead.


There are two types of mineral makeup: loose powder and pressed powder. Loose powders give you a more natural finish, but you must spend time blending colours each morning. Pressed powders are simpler to apply and take less time, but the coverage isn’t as strong. Just like any other type of makeup, use caution when applying your mineral makeup. Some minerals contain ingredients that irritate sensitive skin, so know your allergies before starting your beauty routine with mineral makeup.

Comfort vs Fashion: What Matters Most?

In my opinion, comfortable fashion is what seems like the best choice, but obviously, it depends on what a particular individual prefers, but when it comes to discussing which is more important I would again pick the middle ground because looking good and feeling good both are equally important. To try and come to a conclusion on which is more important we need to make sure we understand what comfort and fashion are.

What is Comfort Generally?


Comfort is the state of having everything your body needs, having a pleasant life or the feeling of being physically relaxed and in no pain.

When you look at comfort in terms of fashion, feeling comfortable in your clothes allows you to listen to what your body needs without the distraction of feeling squeezed or out of breath.

It’s also important to know what clothing comfort is, clothing comfort is more of a scientific term defined as a state of satisfaction indicating physiological, psychological, and physical balance among the person. From this definition you can under how important it is for a person to cloth comfortably.

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What is Fashion?

Fashion is a form of self-expression which does not necessarily include comfort because some clothes though look amazing don’t promise comfort.

Choice of fashion usually depends on the place we are going to, for example, if we are going to work we would prefer more of a professional look or for just a casual outing with friends we would wear something cool and comfortable. A person going to his/her office would want to dress comfortably though they need to look professional so again they would choose clothes which would suit their comfort.

We all have that one friend who always dresses like a model when you go out together and there is one person who looks effortlessly good in joggers and a sweatshirt, so if the person doesn’t feel like they need to dress up to feel confident then they don’t need to, but if someone feels the need to dress up to feel confident there is nothing wrong in that too, again that’s a personal preference. When a person actually wears what they are comfortable in, it makes them so much more confident. It’s not always that a cool outfit makes a person look cool, the person who wears the outfit with confidence makes the outfit look cool on them.

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Also, it’s not that every trendy outfit is uncomfortable to wear like right now wide jeans are the most happening jeans and also the most comfortable pair of jeans you can find. Some people find wearing uncomfortable clothes just to look good a burden, while others feel they don’t need another reason to wear an outfit if it makes them look good ignoring the fact that it might be uncomfortable to wear.

Comfort basically means feeling physically relaxed and we all have to agree that there are quite a lot of clothes which don’t feel comfortable at all but look absolutely stunning when you wear them, so you end up having to choose fashion over comfort, at the end of the day all everyone wants is to feel good and if wearing that dress makes you feel amazing sacrificing your comfort seems like a fair trade and when you feel good you exude confidence that’s what makes your outfit look even more attractive.

Some people dress the way they think other people would like them to dress just to impress them though they don’t want to or don’t feel comfortable in them, this usually can be seen in teens who easily get influenced by their peers. It is okay to be inspired by the way someone dresses and follows their style, but feeling the need to dress a certain way just because people around you dress that way is the wrong way to pursue fashion.  

Some people see fashion as a way of expressing how they feel because fashion is a form of art and choosing the right outfit also seems very vital for them what they want to wear may be uncomfortable but they prioritize fashion over comfort in this case. 

I can’t decide or come to a conclusion on which is more important, fashion or comfort because everyone’s choice varies on a daily. We have to be honest about that fact, one day you feel like you can sacrifice your comfort and on other days maybe you just want to stay in your comfy sweatshirt.

5 Simple DIY Fashion Ideas To Try At Home

Are you looking for some fun and creative in-house DIY activity? Then worry no more as we have come up with some amazing DIY fashion hacks that will require less expense, less effort and more fun. A few things that you require include a little bit of patience till you learn and master the thing, some preparations, and materials to make the desired DIY thing. If you already master one or more creative ideas then it is the cherry on the cake to kick-start your DIY ideas.

It is a kind of therapy that makes you happy without any worry about how you do it and when you complete it. There are so many DIY fashion ideas that include tie-dye, hair accessories, jewellery, embroidery, masks and so many more that personally interest you. Why not turn your creativity into business?

The whole world is going online with changing patterns and trends and we can always use it for our benefit to not only create what we like by just sitting at home but also sell them on various online platforms and reach millions of users and give your creativity name and recognition. It will not only help you prosper financially but will equally help you personally to boost your confidence.

DIY Fashion

5 DIY Fashion Ideas To Try At Home

Here are the best DIY Fashion Ideas that you should try at Home.

Beautiful Hair Accessories

We all have fabric pieces or outfits that we no longer wear or use. why not grab them all and turn them into beautiful hair accessories that will improve your look? You can create bows, hair clips, fabric hair ties like scrunches or add some beads and make beautiful hair ornaments to slay that party hairstyle look.

To create DIY hair accessories you need bobby pins, fabrics for bows, beads, artificial flowers and crystals for other hair accessories. So decide what you want to create and then gather items to start with the process.

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Embroider Your Ideas With Threads And Materials

Who doesn’t like a patch of embroidery with threads, beads, stones, crystals and many more to enhance the look of your outfit or create a new outfit?

Not only can we play and add beauty to our clothes but with pillow covers, handkerchiefs, and so much more.

You can make brooches with crystals and beads and improve the look of a simple outfit and also make it a fashion statement. You can watch YouTube channels on how to make brooches and the materials that it requires. I am sure many items you will get at your home only like needles, safety pins to secure the brooch, and some embroidery materials as well.

Make Your Mask

Mask we all know has become one of the necessities because of the past Covid situations and also its effects that are still lingering. We have to take care of our safety by wearing masks in places that are crowded.

So why not make your mask at home that will match your outfits and slay? You can make it from an old t-shirt, pillow cover, fabric pieces, bags or anything and tie it with a rubber band or hair tie that you are comfortable with and fold it the right way.

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Cute And Personalised Jewellery

Not a single person on earth is attracted to cute items. Like really they look different, they feel different and we want them because we find them cute and if it resonates with our emotions we don’t think twice before getting it.

This is not the case with kids who only getting attracted to cute items because we as grownups also look for attractive cute things.

Clothes are one such thing but what about DIY fashion accessories like rings, earrings, and neckpieces? Nowadays people get their customised jewellery or something that relates to their emotions and keep it as a memory.  

Also, we are fond of those chunky beautiful necklaces and earrings that make our outfit and overall look playful. Different occasions require different kinds of jewellery like traditional jhumkas and all for Indian wear and funky pieces for western wear. We have so many options to try and create by mixing and matching things and creating something different from the rest.

You can watch YouTube channels, or also look for some inspirations on Pinterest or Instagram and create your jewellery designs.


Tie-Dye is the oldest yet the most fascinating and trendy DIY fashion idea of all time that helps make the best diy fashion clothes with less or no effort. Creating a whole new outfit by mixing colours and designs to it is always fun.

Choose a white t-shirt, dress, shorts, jacket, or anything and then tie it up with a thick thread. Then dip the outfit in the colour of your choice and let it dry in the sun until colours properly come out in the apparel. Then open the thread and you will find a whole new outfit with a different colour and design.

Do not forget to wear gloves to protect your hands from colours and wear aprons. Also, do the process outside your home in your garden to avoid mess.

If you need a detailed video on the process you can always look for the tie-dye process on YouTube and learn more.

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Doing what we like is always the best decision as it makes us happy and peaceful. We can always learn what interests us from online sources like YouTube, Instagram and other social platforms without even stepping outside our homes or spending unnecessary money on courses.

Try to be unique in your designs and creativity so that people appreciate your work and also it will help you boost confidence and stand out from the rest.

Above we have discussed some amazing DIY fashion ideas and activities that you can choose from and easily try at home and also share with your friends and family. Why restrict yourself to one thing, try everything and then choose that one particular DIY that you think you love the most and try to turn your passion into a profession?

4 Money Mistakes New Parents Should Avoid

Being a parent is a joyous, yet overwhelming journey. Parenthood comes with the responsibility of making a lot of decisions. And when it comes to money, new parents can make quite a few mistakes because they will be making these decisions for the first time.

Money Mistakes that Should be Avoided by New Parents

Here is a list of some money mistakes that new parents are most likely to make while planning their finances, and how you can correct them:

Failure to Plan

Not everything in life can be planned, and that is okay. However, you can reduce the stress of parenthood by having a plan in place, helping you think and decide clearly. Fortunately, it is never too late to start planning your finances.

Start simple with these 3 very important tips:

  • Use an app to track your spending, and then divide it into “needs” and “wants.” This can give you a sense of guidance, helping you cut down expenses without the stress of wondering how.
  • Keep aside a budget simply for unexpected events. Ideally, you should aim to have enough money in your bank account to pay for 3 to 6 months of basic necessities. For the average urban Indian, this could be anywhere between Rs. 1,00,000 to Rs. 3,00,000, depending on your lifestyle.
  • Review your health insurance – it makes a huge difference in your ability to cover medical bills – your premiums will also be cheaper when you are young.

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Emotional Overspending

You always want only the best for your little one. But while navigating the excitement of being a new parent, you may sometimes overspend on your baby, especially where it might not be needed.

As a new parent, you need to spend smart, and here are 3 tips to do so:

  • Avoid buying too many clothes and shoes – babies outgrow them very soon, and your little one will soon need a new size.
  • Try to wait before you buy too many things – your family and friends are likely to buy your baby some toys, teethers, and more.
  • Wait 30 days before buying something expensive but not “essential” – by the end of the 30-day wait, you can find alternatives that are more pocket-friendly.

Forgetting About Your Retirement

While planning your child’s future, you might forget your own. It is important to think of how you can save money and grow your wealth, so as to be financially independent once you retire.

Avoid pouring all your savings into the same fund. Apart from saving some money for emergencies, invest some money in reliable assets, which will give you returns by the time you retire.

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Skipping Insurance

money mistakes

Most parents postpone buying an insurance plan. But car insurance, health insurance, or life insurance, are all part of a money safety net that you should not ignore. So review your existing plans, or choose an insurance plan that fulfills your goals. HDFC Life Click 2 Protect 3 D Plus is a term insurance plan, which secures your family financially in the unfortunate event that you are not around. Giving them maximum coverage for a minimal premium payment, helps them to be financially independent and continue to follow their dreams.

As a new parent, make your financial decisions based on advice from the more experienced. We know it can be overwhelming to make so many decisions, which is why it is always good to have a plan in place. It will help guide your decisions to ensure that your family’s finances are safe and secure.