Breaking Stereotypes: 10 Crazy Indo-Western Dress Ideas for Your Collection

Indo-Western Dress Ideas_derje

Getting away from the mainstream and breaking the stereotypes – these two things are all that fashion trends are hulking on. Keeping up with traditional outfits, people are experimenting with new styles. The most popular drift is about Indo-western dress ideas. It is not a new thing that fashion folks love to dress up with mismatching things, but as an add-on, a list of Indo-western fusion dresses is also getting the hype.

Let’s find out what are crazy Indo western dress ideas can get along with your 2023 collection.

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Shirt And Skirt

Shirt and Skirt - Indo Western Dress Ideas_derje
Shirt and Skirt – Indo-Western Dress Ideas

A formal or even a casual shirt buttoned to your collarbone or even the neck is what you required. Along with that, a long solid colored skirt would literally be one of the unique Indo western dress ideas. Even to make things bold, you can wear a printed skirt with a shirt of contrasting color.

Saree With Tops

Saree With Tops - Indo-Western Dress Ideas_derje
Saree With Tops – Indo-Western Dress Ideas

It is lately a prevailing Indo western dress idea to wear a saree without a blouse. Instead, a crop top can be used. To even spice things up, one can consider wearing an off-shoulder top as well. Even turtle-neck crop tops and baggy tees are not out of fashion. Even pairing up with a shirt would get you a perfect Indo western look for girls.

Saree With Bralette

Saree With Bralette - Indo-Western Dress Ideas_derje
Saree With Bralette – Indo-Western Dress Ideas

Of course, you can’t miss the unique style of wearing a bralette with a solid saree to get the Indo western saree look. The beautiful designs of the bralettes, especially the ones that wind up with laces, are going to complement the sleek appearance pretty perfectly. This is one of those Indo-western dress ideas that are going to steal all the eyes on you, on any occasion you wear.

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Kurta Or Kurti With Shorts

Kurti With Shorts - Indo-Western Dress Ideas_derje
Kurti With Shorts – Indo-Western Dress Ideas

With your short kurtas, you can complement your look for Indo western dress ideas with denim shorts. It is the perfect contrast to create your favorite Indo western look with jeans. If you want, you can tease your denim shorts a little to get the rusty look you want.

Choli With Denim

Choli With Denim - Indo-Western Dress Ideas_derje
Choli With Denim – Indo-Western Dress Ideas

If you wonder how that will look, you can wear it yourself and check it out. With heavily embroidered choli, a pair of denim shorts or jeans would definitely be a cool Indo-western dress idea. You can also add a dupatta to introduce an accent to your look. However, it is recommended you wear a sneaker to get a style statement.

Dhoti Pants Back In Fashion

Dhoti Pants With Crop Top - Indo-Western Dress Ideas_derje
Dhoti Pants With Crop Top – Indo-Western Dress Ideas

It is an absolute beauty to wear anything and everything with dhoti pants. Your Indo western dress ideas can complement with almost every dress to pair up with dhoti pants. Be it a saree, Kurti, Kurta, crop top, baggy tees, tunics, tulip tops, tank tops, bralette, denim shirt and jacket, tube top, off-shoulders, ponchos, shrugs and any other two-piece that you have down the list!

Kimono With Two Pieces

Kimono With Two Pieces - Indo-Western Dress Ideas_derje
Kimono With Two Pieces – Indo-Western Dress Ideas

If you want a little boho-like style, then your Indo western dress ideas can match with any two-piece pairing with a kimono and a belt. A bralette or a crop top along with jeans or denim shorts would do magic with your looks. You can wear junk and heavy pieces of jewelry. Tie up with a let or just-it wave, style is all yours!

Sharara With Crop Top Or Bralette

Sharar With Crop Top - Indo-Western Dress Ideas_derje
Sharar With Crop Top – Indo-Western Dress Ideas

Just like dhoti pants, Shararas came forward as Indo western dress ideas, if you complement them with a cute crop top or a bralette. You can even add a dupatta to add an accent to your looks. But even without the dupatta, this can be a perfect Indo western fusion dress to wear.

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Coated With Fusion

Coat With Palazzo - Indo-Western Dress Ideas_derje
Coat With Palazzo – Indo-Western Dress Ideas

Coats are absolutely the best to complement your Indo western dress ideas. Be it the short ones, the medium ones, or the longliners, a coat will always add a formal dimension, no matter what you wear. With a saree, a coat will embolden your presence. While a Kurti, it might give you a mature look. However, with skirts, dhoti pants, palazzos, and shararas, a blazer would be the best match to give you an all-rounder look.

Dupattas For Reason

Dupatta Shrug - Indo-Western Dress Ideas_derje
Dupatta Shrug – Indo-Western Dress Ideas

If you are experimental enough with your Indo western dress ideas, you can wear a dupatta literally as you want it to affiliate your appearance. People are making tops, crops, and shrugs out of dupatta, to renew their style statement. While some of them are wearing it around the head like a turban to put up a different look, others are just putting it like a halter to keep things simple yet elegant.


Indo western dress ideas can never go off the list as there are so many dresses that can literally be experimented as
Indo-western fusion dresses. One can wear these dresses on different occasions and make sure that they are going to be the absolute show stealers with their Indo western look for girls.

Top 10 Rainy Season Fashion Trends For Girls | 2022 Rainy Season Trends

Wanna make a splash this rainy season just like Raveena Tandon did in her song Tip Tip Barsa Paani? Well, we gotcha! The rainy season has always been a blessing in disguise for girls when it comes to fashion trends. This pleasant-balmy season makes everyone not only fall in love with themselves, but with nature, people, plants, the sky, and you name it. Perhaps, this is why the monsoon is very special!

Usually, we picture these days with raincoats, colorful umbrellas, and waterproof dresses, but have you ever wondered if there are still other outfits you can rock in this monsoon. Of course, I understand, jeans-T-shirts have become our quotidian outfit not only in summers but every season. And for this exact reason, this blog will help you figure out the hottest trends that you can slay this monsoon. So now all you gotta do is sit back and pick the one among these top ten rainy season fashion trends that you can kill for sure!

No body-hugging fits

First thing first- never go out this monsoon with tight-hugging dresses. Certainly, they will make you uncomfortable no matter how beautiful you look. Anyway, no one wants to be all drenched and awkward in a lovely season. Palazzo and Patiala have become old-fashioned, uh oh, what can we replace them with? Jumpsuits are indeed a great choice to come up with, because of how easy to wear, and flowy, moreover, don’t stick to your skin at all. Tip of the day: You can also embellish this fit by adding on accessories (long pendant necklaces, scrunchy, sneakers, sling bags, and whatnot). 

Top 10 Rainy Season Fashion Trends For Girls

You can check out the latest jumpsuits at affordable rates here- Jumpsuits for Women on rainy days

Maxi dresses

Top 10 Rainy Season Fashion Trends For Girls

Well, I am not expecting a long maxi dress, but a cute short maxi dress can do wonders for anybody. Everyone loves maxi dresses, as they symbolize style, elegance, and adornment. It is always considered a go-to outfit for any type of weather. No matter if it is raining, or flaming, Maxi dresses are the best that makes you a dazzling queen without a doubt. You know why because they are comfy, flattering, versatile, feminine, classic, low-maintenance, no wardrobe malfunction, and ideally good to go in rainy seasons.  


Top 10 Rainy Season Fashion Trends For Girls

Doesn’t have anything to style your outfit with, do not fret, Scarfs can pitch in here! Scarfs are always fashion-forward, which you can wear now and ten years later too, and still work wonders. Dresses accessorized with a scarf will undoubtedly give a ‘material girl’ look. You can also check this out for more latest trends.

Bucket hats

Top 10 Rainy Season Fashion Trends For Girls

Bucket hats are not a recent discovery, and have been on the market since the 60s. However, pop culture has brought back the trend again, particularly by the Korean band BTS(I guess JHOPE is flashing across your mind right now, mine too). The latest trend isn’t only for spring or summer, but can also work in rain. Speaking of which, a bucket hat can serve as a rain hat if it is made of waterproof material, like nylon, or has a surface coating that repels water. The water droplets can easily glide off thanks to their downward-sloping shape. It complements almost any look because of its timeless design. 

Mini skirts for Rainy Season

Top 10 Rainy Season Fashion Trends For Girls

In fact, mini-skirts are really a good choice to wear on rainy days, unless and until you are not going hiking. If you feel cold, you can also wear a pair of tights, stockings, or leggings underneath. One of my pro tips for people planning to wear mini skirts in the monsoon is, instead of opting for heels choose boots, I assure you, you will sweep anyone off their feet.  

Coats and Jacket

Top 10 Rainy Season Fashion Trends For Girls

Not only does it prevent you from getting drenched but also styles your outfit in every possible way. Staring from bomber to leather, denim, hoodie, quilted, blazers, cashmere, drawstring, trench jackets; jackets and coats are quite easy on the eyes for this monsoon. The attire will look chicer if styled with a bag, sunglasses, watch, rings, and other items of jewelry. 

T-shirts (Crop tops)

Top 10 Rainy Season Fashion Trends For Girls

You are up for the gym but it’s raining outside! Well, not to worry at all. A crop top is a capsule wardrobe, which is an effortlessly beautiful fit that goes with anything(jeans, leggings, tights, skirts, trousers, sweatpants, and so on), thereby a totally winning combo. Moreover, it hardly costs money, because it can be worn with anything, right? Just grab a pair of jeans and a crop top, and you are all set to jump out of your house in this monsoon. 


Top 10 Rainy Season Fashion Trends For Girls

Not so comfortable to wear skirts, well, shorts got your back! Shorts are every gym freak’s go-to outfit even in the monsoon. Trust me, a girl in shorts and a baggy t-shirt is dressed to kill. If you are planning to wear shorts on a drizzling day, make sure you have mosquito repellent with you! 

Packable Raincoat

Top 10 Rainy Season Fashion Trends For Girls

A true haute couture raincoat is packable. If you haven’t got one for yourself, well, what are you waiting for then, go and order ASAP? Moreover, packable raincoats are tiny, lightweight, and easy to carry anywhere. A gorgeous rain jacket is a crucial component of your travel wardrobe, especially if you’re going somewhere during a rainy season. 

Chunky-and-funky short Kurtis

Top 10 Rainy Season Fashion Trends For Girls

Sophisticated, elegant, high-end clothing that is feminine without being flouncy or frilly will make anyone look like a million dollars. Furthermore, they aren’t only famous in India but are in great demand abroad too. Feel old-schooled dressing in a Kurti, well, I have gotten some tips and tricks just for you: add sneakers, or a denim shrug, scarf, or shorts; they always catch on with the vogue. Choose your sneakers, which are just one click away!


latest fashion trends for women

Every lady has this confusion of choosing the outfits from her wardrobe that gives her a perfect trendy look. No one doesn’t want to look best. You feel more confident when you are confident about all your things, whether it be your clothes, your shoes, or anything about you. A perfect outfit can make you feel good about yourself throughout your day. Many of you think it takes a lot of effort to invest time on outfit selection. You should keep yourself updated with the latest fashion trends of fall 2020.

Here, you need to know that you have to match the shades of your clothes and the accessories also according to their shade. You have to contrast your clothes with your accessories. For that, guess you have a white t-shirt but a bit confused with what shade of jeans it would look eye-catching. So, you have to go a darker shade of jeans as you have a light shade t-shirt and light shade sneaker will make that look more appealing.

So, this way you can make many outfits within seconds. Below are some latest fashion trends for women we have discussed here with you all for 2020.

Style Your Denim Jacket

a) Use It As A Set

latest fashion trends for women_derje
Style your denim jacket with denim shorts or a skirt of a similar shade. To give yourself a street style look, you can select a good hoodie from your wardrobe. Choose a hoodie of light shade, and the pair of sneakers also of light shade as your denim jacket or skirt will be of the darker shade.

b) Give It A Contrast

latest fashion trends for women_derje

If you choose to wear a denim jacket of a darker shade, then give yourself a good contrast. Wear a lighter shade of denim jeans. Contrasting colors looks eye-catching and fab.

Natural Tones Latest Fashion Trends Of Fall 2020

These neutral outfits look amazing on anyone and it’s considered as our long-lasting trends. Natural tones always look sophisticated and elegant. And they are the perfect outfit for a wedding or an event. Choose your accessories in a contrasting color. But, prefer choosing your belt, shoes, and handbag of a lighter shade. To get a natural and low key look, you can also try stripes or animal prints. Try cream sunglasses and lose the fear of wearing light tones.

Add A Pop Colour

Pop color adds a real eye-catching piece to your look that will draw attention. Here are some latest fashion trends of fall 2020 on how to add that pop!!. Try loud shades and find a shade that suits your tone. Go for bold shade handbags or funky heels. Headbands are not only a good way of adding color, but also, they are brilliant for bad hair days! You can also tie items of an outfit/ or accessories together. You can add lilac shoes to an all-white dress.

It doesn’t have to be accessories all the time to add a pop. It can be an item of clothing like a blazer, the shirt on your jeans, or even the skirt on your plain shirt. Or you can add a pop by applying the perfect eye makeup that goes with the outfit.

wide Leg Pants

Every woman needs a pair of wide-leg pants. Modern wide-leg pants come with a high-waist, that’s why they can make your legs appear longer. Make sure you wear them with an appropriate top that is either a crop-top or a shirt, blouse tucked inside.

a) Paper Bag Wide Pants

latest fashion trends for women_derje

These pants are extremely comfortable and you can wear it with anything. If you have a slim waist, then it’s the perfect pant selection for you. These pants make you look taller.

b) Wide Leg Pants With Sneakers

Fashion Trends of Fall 2020_derje

These pants work well with sneakers. I prefer to wear neutral pants and then contrast it with different shades of sneakers. Add a sling bag

c) Wide Leg Pants With A Crop Top

Fashion Trends of Fall 2020_derje

A crop top and waist wide leg pants set is another super cool look for this year. It will be a perfect match for hot summer days. Try to balance everything.

Cream Colour Slouch Boots

Whether you prefer a warm shade of cream or you’re into off-white, you can rock every outfit. Compliment the greyish shade with a white skirt and greyish pullover sweater or button-down under a coat. Make them stand out with a black dress and oversized blazer.

Everyday Casuals- Street Style Fashion

Fashion Trends of Fall 2020_derje

Make the style more tailored by adding a blazer. Denim goes with every color. To add more style to your outfit, go for black blazer too.

street style fashion_derje

White shirt and sneakers look fab when slipping into your favorite denim shorts.

street style fashion_derje

No matter where you’re headed, a black T-shirt will always work well. You can add a little more style with a denim jacket over the black t-shirt. It also works without a denim jacket, but you can choose according to your preference.

High Waist Jeans Works- Street Style Look

street style fashion_derje

The street style chic lady is walking down the street. Here, the lady is wearing a black moto jacket with a white tank top tucked in high-rise ripped jeans

.All teamed with a pair of a black slip-on.

street style look_derje

Simplicity is always in fashion. Whitetop with high-rise denim jeans combination looks awesome.

street style look_derje

You can try cropped black sweater with high-rise skinnies tucked in lace-up high boots.

street style look_derje

This casual outfit consists of a striped top paired with high-waisted slim-fit jeans. You can add this to your everyday outfit.

These are some of the latest fashion trends of fall 2020. Now, go and grab your best pair for your amazing look for the day. I hope you all like it!!

Upgrade Your Wardrobe With The Top 19 Iconic Fashionable T.V. Characters Of All Time

When it comes to watching fashionable T.V. characters almost each one of us has our own different reasons. There are many fashionable T.V. characters of all time who has changed fashion. From nail-biting drama to witty comedy, from spicy plot twists to the fact that there is an ocean of excellent and intriguing shows out there to watch. When it comes to style icons, sometimes most of the inspiration fashionable T.V. characters come from the fictional characters who’ve graced our screens. Here are the Iconic fashionable T.V. characters having a great impact on the fashion preferences of people over the years.

19 Most Iconic Fashionable T.V. Characters Of All Time

1. Rachel Green, F.R.I.E.N.D.S

fashionable T.V. characters_derje
Fashionable T.V. Characters– Rachel Green In F.R.I.E.N.D.S

For years together “The Rachel” hairstyle was a trend on the small screen but Jennifer Aniston’s outfits were iconic as well. Between her spaghetti strap sundresses, her perfect little black dresses, and her pleated mini-skirt and turtleneck combos, her style evolved as the show grew, and made Rachel one of the Iconic Fashionable T.V. Characters of all time.

2. Serena Van Der Woodsen, Gossip Girl

fashionable T.V. characters_derje
Fashionable T.V. CharactersSerena van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl

Free-spirited Serena Van Der Woodsen always nailed the bohemian part, with her hipster jackets and penchant for boots and neckties. Serena was no doubt a trend-setter.

3. Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City

fashionable T.V. characters_derje
Fashionable T.V. CharactersCarrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City

During the entire show Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, created more than a few fashion trends,i.e, nameplate necklaces and oversized flower pins among them. The signature “Carrie” necklaces, the giant flower brooches, the Manolos, that opening-scene: Bradshaw defined single-girl style in New York City.

4. Olivia Pope, Scandal

Jackie Burkhart_derje
Fashionable T.V. Characters– Olivia Pope in Scandal

There’s no doubt that Kerry Washington playing Olivia Pope is beyond beautiful, but her outfits are also a huge part of it. From the gorgeous designer coats to the Prada bags, to that memorable white fedora, Olivia showed us all how to dress stylishly for work, adding coolness to same-old silhouettes like pantsuits.


5. Lady Mary Crawley, Downton Abbey

Jackie Burkhart_derje
Fashionable T.V. CharactersLady Mary Crawley in Downton Abbey

A fashion moment that will be forever ingrained in our minds is Lady Mary’s gorgeous wedding gown. Her sartorial choices which consist of one pitch-perfect embellished dress after the next many worn with elbow-length gloves will make you go awestruck.

6. Jackie Burkhart, That ’70s, Show

Jackie Burkhart_derje
Fashionable T.V. CharactersJackie Burkhart in That ’70s, Show

That ’70s Show might have been a product of the late ’90, but Mila Kunis being a brat yet lovable Jackie Burkhart, still managed to emerge as a style icon. From printed tee to a floaty peasant blouse, or high-waisted flares, she never hesitated to put on some major attitude, too.

7. Aria Montgomery, Pretty Little Liars

Serena Van Der Woodsen_derje
Fashionable T.V. CharactersAria Montgomery in Pretty Little Liars

Aria Montgomery might belong to a small town but she is definitely a trend-setter when it comes to outfits. Aria loves texture and layering and gravitates toward worn leather, velvet, chiffon, and items like chain-handle bags and motorcycle boots and carries all of it gorgeously.

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8. Barney Stinson, How I Met Your Mother

Serena Van Der Woodsen_derje
Fashionable T.V. CharactersBarney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother

One of the best fashionable T.V characters for men, Suits is an important trademark of Barney’s character played by Neil Patrick Harris. The ‘Suit up’ trend that Barney promotes has become so popular that there is even International Suit Up Day (it’s on October 13th).

9. Emma Pillsbury, Glee

Serena Van Der Woodsen_derje
Emma Pillsbury in Glee

Played by Jayma Mays, Emma Pillsbury is basically a girly J.Crew catalog come to life. From the brightly colored cardigans to the floral dresses, and the glittery necklaces to the brooches, Emma playing a germaphobe, surely knows how to shop.

10. Wilhelmina Slater, Ugly Betty

Carrie Bradshaw_derje
Wilhelmina Slater in Ugly Betty

Styled by non-other than  Patricia Field (of “Sex and the City” fame), there’s no wonder that Wilhelmina Slater dresses like one of a kind. The supermodel turned women’s magazine Creative Director, Wilhelmina’s wardrobe revolves around the colors white, silver, gold, and brown.

11. Jessica “Jess” Day, New Girl

Carrie Bradshaw_derje
Jessica Day in New Girl

With her brightly colored dresses, cardigan combos, and too many patterns to count, her eclectic look goes hand-in-hand with her zany persona, Jessica has mastered all the girly styles.

12. Victory Ford, Lipstick Jungle

Carrie Bradshaw_derje
Victory Ford in Lipstick Jungle

Played by Lindsay Price, Victoria is one of the biggest fashion designers in the business naturally has the wardrobe to match. From ballgowns, to perfect sheath dresses, to high heels in spades, she nails every outfit she wears.

13. Emily Thorne, Revenge

Aria Montgomery_derje
Emily Thorne in Revenge

Between jaw-dropping Jason Wu gowns to adorable silk crepe tank dresses, Emily manages to always look pitch-perfect. “Revenge’s,” costume designer Jill Ohanneson said, “We want to kind of keep Emily clean so that nobody ever expects that she is doing what she is doing, so we put her in a lot of light colors.”

14. Roger Sterling, Mad Men

Aria Montgomery_derje
Roger Sterling in Mad Men

Sterling and his incredible suits in the “Mad Men” deserves attention. Roger dresses more formally than other characters and favors single-breasted suits worn with a vest, and he never seems to leave home without a pocket square.


15. Jessa Johansson, Girls

Aria Montgomery_derje
Jessa Johansson in Girls

The chunky Jessa with her mix of flea market finds, cool-girl picks from places like Pearl River and Zara, and designer pieces here and there is by far the most fashion-forward character on “Girls”. All thanks to Jessa, felt hats, chiffon wide-leg pants, and even kimono tops are a trend now. A simple yet super important fashionable T.V character of all time.

16. Diane Lockhart, The Good Wife

fashionable T.V. characters_derje
Diane Lockhart in The Good Wife

Played by Christine Baranski, Diane Lockhart is the kind of woman that makes us aspire to dress better. As label-loving and classic in her fashion choices are, Diane’s wardrobe is flawless at all times whether she is wearing a power-suit and statement jewelry or a cinched leopard print jacket.

17. Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl

fashionable T.V. characters_derje
Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl

A mark of a TV-style icon is one that sets fashion trends and Blair nailed her part—prints, headbands, and tights all came into style because of Blair. Blair’s character is all it sophisticated, ladylike, preppy, and elegant as well.

18. Neal Caffrey, White Collar

fashionable T.V. characters_derje
Neal Caffrey in White Collar

Neal’s clothing is all about the perfect fit, and his style clearly takes its cues from the Rat-Pack including three-piece suits and that fedora he never seems to take off.

19. Cookie Lyon, Empire

fashionable T.V. characters_derje
Cookie Lyon in Empire

From an endless collection of colorful and animal-print furs to gold suits and more bling than you could dream of, Empire‘s Cookie Lyon is the boss bitch on TV—and she’s got the wardrobe to back it up. She is surely one of the best fashionable T.V characters of all time.

So, that was the list of the most fashionable and iconic characters on TV, the stylish female and male TV characters who have dressed to impress episode after episode. Whether their styles are casual, elegant, or unusual, the best-dressed TV characters are right here.


The Richest Fashion Brands

What Is The Richest Clothing Brand? Top 10 Richest Designer Brands

Fashion is a gigantic business, all thanks to the millions of label-loving people. Tight jeans, baggy pants, leather jackets, overcoats are some of the memorable trends that had dressed up generations of stylish people. In this article, we have listed some of The Richest Fashion Brands in the world. These are the brands that have made billions out of putting style in our clothing and have set the trends. If you are wondering who is the richest designer in the world as well then you must be knowing that if you are working for these brands you get paid very well.

Here Are The Top 10 Richest Fashion Brands That You Probably Have Helped Get Really Rich:

1. LVHM: Worth $37.14 Billion

how much is gucci worth-Derje
Top 10 Richest Designer Brands – Louis Vuitton

It is not a coincidence that Louise Vuitton’s logo is made of gold-a color associated with wealth and luxury. Their products sell for really high price so it is known as one of the most expensive fashion brands as well. Thus, LV is the richest fashion brand and in fact, is one of Forbes’ ten most valuable brands in the world last year. It sells clothing, jewelry, luggage, and perfumes and is the Richest Fashion Brand in the world. 

2. H&M: Worth $18.82 Billion

how much is gucci worth-Derje
Richest Fashion Brands – H&M

Hennes & Mauritz AB commonly know as H&M is a Swedish multinational clothing-retail company known for its fast-fashion. It operates in 74 countries with over 5,000 stores under the various company brands selling “disposable fashion,” that is, it continuously updates its designs to project a trendsetter look. Even though it is mass fashion and one of the less expensive fashion brands, it garners the big bucks as everyone prefers to shop from here due to its pricing.

3. Kering: Worth $15.65 Billion

how much is gucci worth-Derje
Richest Fashion Brands – Kering

It is an international group based in Paris that specialized in luxury goods and sustainability. Amongst the brands that Kering owns are Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, and Sergio Rossi brands for fashion, and Puma, Cobra Golf, and Volcom for sports.

4. GAP: Worth $15.65 Billion

tommy hilfiger net worth_Derje
Richest Fashion Brands – GAP

It is one of the most iconic fashion brands and is majorly popular among the younger generation. It was originally an exclusive retailer for Levi’s until the shop started to sell its own upscale jeans at the expense of Levi’s.  Fashion is the youth’s function, which makes The Gap richer than Levi’s.

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5. Christian Dior: Worth $11.91 Billion

Richest Fashion Brands-Dior_Derje
Top 10 Richest Designer Brands – Dior

Christian Dior SE, commonly known as Dior, is a French luxury goods company and is popular for its stylish perfumes and cosmetics. It first gained fame for its shapes and silhouettes, creating voluptuous styles as opposed to the boxy shapes in post-war Europe. Dior holds 42.36% shares of LVMH.

6. Richemont: Worth $11.83 Billion

Richest Fashion Brands-Cartier_Derje
Top 10 Richest Designer Brands – Richemont

Compagnie Financière Richemont SA, also known as Richemont, is a Switzerland-based luxury goods holding company. Through its various subsidiaries, Richemont produces and sells jewelry, watches, leather goods, pens, firearms, clothing, and accessories. The Swiss company is the owner of some of the world’s most luxurious fashion brands, such as Baume & Mercier, Jaeger-LeCoultre, IWC, Piaget, and Montblanc.

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7. Estée Lauder: Worth $9.71 Billion

tommy hilfiger net worth_Derje
Richest Fashion Brands – Estée Lauder

From clothing to perfumes, makeup, and skincare, Estée Lauder is one of the first fashion labels to offer a wide variety of items. The company also owns luxury cosmetics, such as Bobbi Brown, Clinique, M.A.C., and Jo Malone. The company made a whopping $10 billion in gross sales in 2013 alone.

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8. Ralph Lauren: Worth $8.2 Billion

Richest Fashion Brands-Ralph Lauren_Derje
Richest Fashion Brands – Ralph Lauren

The Ralph Lauren Corporation is an American fashion company producing products ranging from the mid-range to the luxury segments. It started out with making rags into ties, which makes the fashion and lifestyle label a true rags-to-riches American Dream personified. Today, the Ralph Lauren Group has a total of 17 fashion brands and 4 lifestyle brands across 493 directly operated stores in 30 countries

9. Phillips-Van Heusen: Worth  $6.04 Billion

Richest Fashion Brands- Van Hausen_Derje
What is the richest clothing brand? Van Heusen is one of the richest fashion brands

Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation is an American clothing company that owns brands such as Van Heusen, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, IZOD, Arrow, Warner’s, Olga, True & Co., and Geoffrey Beene. The company introduced the world’s first self-folding collar in 1919 and, today, it’s known for high-profile campaigns like David Beckham’s endorsements.

10. Coach: Worth $4.76 Billion

tommy hilfiger net worth_Derje
What is the richest clothing brand? Coach

The Coach IP Holdings LLC is an American company specializing in luxury accessories such as handbags. It’s the favorite of celebrities like Christina Hendricks and Elisabeth Moss for its durable and elegant handbags and wallets, among others.

Fashion has always been a way of portraying wealth and luxury. This was our list of the Top 10 Richest Fashion Brands catering to the wants of millions of people. If you wanted to know who is the richest designer in the world, it could be you as well. Just join any of these fashion brands!